What Will I Be When I Grow Up

What will I become in future? Being unusual and unpredictable is the best manner to deal with such a hypothesis.

Being fanciful keeps our worry at ease and adventurous rather than tedious and fearful.

It’s a myth that there are many people embarrassingly expose their failures with pretends of they still haven’t mature enough. They behave like being an adult comes with lots of responsibilities, and it has to deal with haven’t to know your true calling.

For your information, it doesn’t change anything. Also, that kind of thought is clearly the wrong manner to deal with such a thought. Because most of us love to play and others play more now than when they were kids, it’s encouraging to get a job that suits our playful nature.

What Angle is Most Preferable?

Imagine a situation where you surrounded in an island with jobs of your choice.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself waking in the morning in a luxurious and enchanting place with about 1000 other people with your objectives to contribute by doing only the jobs you find pleasure doing. Some of your comrades tell you that you only get paid only through the job that you feel comfortable doing.

You’ll not be given food or have a place to stay provided what you have produced or invented involves any form of stress or hard work. Sure; you will be put out of work and will find it hard to keep going. The only working condition is that; your job must be stress-free and make you very happy and convenient.

Take a minute of your own, take a deep breath, and picture or figure a situation like that in your mind.

Then you will see clearly the response to the question “What will I become when I got older?”

Marketing will be the least of your worries because, at that time, your true worth will be self-evident and persuasive. Meaning the people who genuinely appreciate your efforts and the services you offer will really encourage you.

  • The kind of job you think you can do
  • What particular skill can you provide?
  • Who will you become?
  • What possible changes will others see or remember about you whom they couldn’t say before?
  • What difference will you see or make if you realize the next morning that such a dream has come true?
  • What kinds of feelings will you have?

This is your opportunity to make money just to be your true self. You are finally grown now. What now? Do you want to have fun? It’s a dare.

Let out your wild, and amazing beauty show themselves through these questions. Write a comment see your thoughts go viral.

Here is a secret for you; this pleasant land of cool jobs is the exact place you want to be right now, but with lots of stress, struggles and some hard work. Try living there primarily in your thoughts, and as luck may have it, some wonderful blessing may come your way. Yes, it will.


Tom McNaughton

Tom is a full-time digital marketer who has practiced internet marketing for over 10 years. Tom also serves dozens of local digital businesses and has successfully brought substantial traffic growth to their websites.

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