Top 10 Ways To Build Email Marketing List That Will Convert

Email marketing is the best way of promoting your business. It is a profitable option too. It is highly preferred because email marketing is inexpensive than any other modes of promoting your business. Email marketing can also reach a greater target of audience than any other promoting techniques. If you do promote your business through emails in right way, then you can develop a loyal base of customers who trust and believe you.

Developing more customer base can increase the sale of your products of services, thereby increasing the profit of your business.Your email-marketing list should be permission based one. If you are done with the process of developing a trusted fan base who believes in you and who are interested in your product/services offer, then you are well ahead of the promotion process and you are almost done.

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools and you can use the follow tips to build email marketing list to grow your business.

1. Include Footer on Your Site

You can notice footer on majority of the websites. You can include footer on your business website to let the user subscribe with your website. You can also attract them by offering special discounts and offers. They will serve as a perfect reason why you want your visitors to subscribe with you.

2. Make Your Content Simple

You should make your visitor believe that you are offering trustable information and they will not just subscribe with you for your free newsletters. Make your content simple and try to teach the visitors clearly about your business and the offers.

3. Include Pop-Up Box

This is general tactic. It has been proven that including pop-up boxes develop the customer base of your business. It may be annoying for the customers, but statistically the pop-up boxes can improve your mailing list. Since it may be annoying for your visitors, you should include the pop-ups on the second page of the website or after some time the user has visited your site.

4. Make Your Sign-Up Process Easy

Signup Form for List Building

Do not ask for more information during the sign-up process. Generally, people prefer to sign-up only when they have to give less information about themselves. Just some basic information that includes your name and email address is enough to subscribe to your website.

5. Offer Something FREE with the Subscription

Free Offer to Build Email List

People always get fascinated towards the word free. If you offer something like a software download or a discount offer along with the subscription, then your visitors will be more interested to subscribe with you.

6. Use social media sites

Social Media to Build List

Increase your customer email base with the help of social networking sites. Creating a competition on Facebook is a popular way of promoting your business. While creating Facebook competition, try to include the subscription form on the same page. Let your customers know that they will get mails from you.

7. Include Testimonials on Your Webpage

Include testimonials of your satisfied customers in your webpage to attract other visitors. You can prefer to include any form of testimonial on your webpage. It can be just a text testimonial or you can include audio and video testimonials too for better results. The visitors will believe your video/audio testimonial more than just comments.

8. Get Publicity

Get more publicity for yourself by sponsoring an event, participating or creating Facebook competitions and by being a part of national TV program. Publicity attracts more visitors to your business.

9. Have Partnership with A Popular Brand

One effective way to attract your visitors is to have partnership with the already famous branded companies. You can always find someone who is not competing with you. Try to have partnership with such brands and use them for publicizing your business and to develop your customer email base. Just a guest post from them too will help you a lot.

10. Include Subscription Option during Purchase Flow

It is one of the best ways to get your visitors subscribed to your webpage. Your customers are already satisfied with you and that is why they do transactions with you. Therefore, they will be more interested to subscribe with you for receiving your newsletters, updates and offer details.


Tom McNaughton

Tom is a full-time digital marketer who has practiced internet marketing for over 10 years. Tom also serves dozens of local digital businesses and has successfully brought substantial traffic growth to their websites.

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