Email List Building Tips That Work Fast

List building strategy is probably one of the most important posts that a blogger, especially an internet marketer, could write for their audience. There are many, many list building tips that you can use to implement into your email marketing strategy, but they don’t all work.

You have to find the strategy that compliments your blog and your readers.

These days, it’s getting harder and harder for a new blogger to break into the email marketing field because of the struggles that come along with it, however, if you can “tool” that strategy to fit your blog, then you have found a way to build a great list!

List Building Tips For Newbie’s

You have a blog, that’s great! Now you’re going to have to spend some money! Lol, sad but true, it takes money to make it, and list building does cost money. You should start with my post on What Is List Building for Beginner Bloggers to get a better grip on what type of products you should start with.

In this post I would like to focus on product.

You see, in order to get people to subscribe to your email list, you are going to have to create something that they want and need. For example, I created an e-book that reveals my SEO strategies that guarantees traffic overnight.

Why is this so important?

Because it caters to what the reader needs. Traffic! Did I want to reveal to everyone my social media strategies that have been called “outstandingly inept” and “borderline genius” by some famous bloggers?

No. I wanted to keep those secrets to myself.

However, I started talking to a good friend of mine about 5 months ago and he told me that I had a great thing to trade for an email. Taking his advice, I immediately sat down and started making notes on everything that I did to get literally thousands of social media traffic every day.

It was a good idea!

What Can You Create that Will Blow Someone Away?

Think about it. No one does something like you. Whether it’s writing about tips to create awesome content, how to build relationships with other bloggers…whatever it is, you DO have something that you’re doing right now that other people can benefit from.

Does it have to be an ebook?


That was just the easiest route for me to take at that time! You can do a series of video webinars, an email tutorial, etc. The possibilities are endless with how you can bring your idea to the readers of your blog.

How awesome does it have to be?

Well, I’ll tell you like my friend told me. “It’s gotta be so awesome that it hurts you to give it away!

When you finally realize that THIS is how you are going to build the integrity of your blog you will finally start to cater to your reader.

In the end, nothing else matters but your reader and how you can help them. Money takes a back seat…when you throw yourself into actually helping people, they will see that in your writing and usually it doesn’t matter then what type of product you have, they subscribe because they like you and trust you and your opinions about things.

That’s the pinnacle of list building, and it takes some time to do.

Some List Building Ideas For Fast Subscribers

As a blogger, I have been on the other side of that pop-up that has asked me to join a list and receive something free. Not wanting to add to that person’s list, I denied it and went about what I was doing.

That was then.

Now I usually join everyone’s list just because it’s either good homework or I genuinely want something that they have.

I said that to say this.

Don’t be so taken back when someone asks you to join their list of subscribers! You can learn from these people. See how often they send an email. Is it to forward? Do they sell crap products? Can you tell in the writing if they are just wanting to make money off of their email list, or do they genuinely want to help?

Building email listYou can adapt your email list by what some of these people are doing. Join a famous bloggers list and then join someone who is not on the map! You would be surprised at the difference the two emails make between each other! And most of the time it’s the “newbie’s” that really put a lot into their email efforts to bring quality products to their readers!

There’s a lot of good advice in these email blasts and I recommend joining often!

Ok, so on to the List Building Tips to Get Subscribers Fast

Sorry, I kinda got on a rabbit trail there, but it’s still good advice!

One of my good friends Allie Woodward asked me how I got my subscriber list built up so fast.

So I thought I would give some quick tips on how these list building tips can help you build a fast list.

Submitting to Classifieds

This is one of the strongest ways to build your list fast. This one company that I use sends to over 550 ads sites per month and is a great way to build your list fast! What they do is set your ad up, and it can go however you like it, I personally use Aweber to host the link, so when they click on the ad on the site it brings them straight to the opt-in form. Very reliable and fast!


Classified Submission

Using Someone Else’s List

This is another great way to build your list fast, although you may go broke doing it as some people charge an arm and a leg to send your email to their subscribers. But you can live without one arm and one leg, so it’s definitely worth considering.

What you want to do when considering this option is to buy solo ads that guarantee “opt-ins”.  A lot of solo email sellers will guarantee clicks, and that is great, but doesn’t guarantee that anyone will join your list, buy your product, etc.  Take it from me, you would rather have someone that guarantee conversions than clicks!  It may end up being less, but in the end it’s worth it!

Here are some reviews of people that do this:

  • A result from a conversion solo ad
  •  result from a guaranteed click solo ad

As you can see, the difference is pretty relevant.

Here are some of the people that I have used in the past with great results.

  • Global Blaze
  • Calchamplin Solo Ads

In Conclusion

It’s up to you to take this list building strategy and breed them into success. Every solo ad that you buy will be different. It’s really trial and error, but one thing that remains the same is the reader. They want great product and a great price for that product. They want something that can help them or put their blog on “the map”. Provide this, and you will be on the road to building a great email list!


Tom McNaughton

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