100 Ways to Make Money Online – Quick Handgrip for Earning Extra Cash

100 Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online sometimes can be a hassle, but do you know that there are over 100 ways to do that? Now, we are going to teach anyone how to make money online with just a computer, an internet connection, and an enthusiastic spirit.

Even if you already have a job at home or in the office, there is a lot to be mentioned for extra cash opportunities.

Over the years, I have come across countless ways and methods I could adapt to help me pay for extra expenses I made over the past few years like gas money, Christmas break, dinner out, buying gifts for family members, or even little costs that leads to day to day expenditures. I too can show you some of those similar ways.

My team and I have done a lot of A/B testings on making money in internet business since 2008, and we’ve found all tricks that fall under the following categories are still the most effective way.

Today’s post is a colossal list of 100 ways to earn extra cash online. Each listing is legit, have been thoroughly researched and tested. I will take you through the list, which falls under several categories, and explain better to make it much easier for you.

Section 1: Blogging & Website Ownership

Blogging Makes MoneyA blog is like a personal website, with the sole aim of providing information to its readers, about a specific type of niche or variety of niches which is updated from time to time. This is one of the most common ways of getting money.

I know right, you are asking how you can get money from people just reading things you post? Well, that is where traffic comes in.

The goal is to get traffic and loyal readers who can be digesting your daily weekly or monthly contents. From getting the traffics, there is a whole lot of different ways you can make money.

We are going to look into this with the following list in this category.

  1. Affiliate Marketing and PPC Ads

This is the easiest way you can make money online, a matter of fact, this is the most common way of making money online. First of all, you need to start your own blog; sounds hard right? Well sorry to disagree with you, it is actually very easy.

You can take less than 30 minutes to create an excellent blog; you can read about it in one of your previous posts: "How to Start & Create A Blog - 20 Min Step-By-Step Guide to Make Yours". But before that, you have to choose a topic you like.

Choosing a topic is the tricky part, you have to decide if you want an evergreen niche or a micro niche. You also have to go for something that is trending.

Well like I said earlier, everything about starting your own blog is on our previous post so you can check it out. But then again you ask, how can I make money with my blog with affiliate marketing and PPC.

Affiliate marketing is simply a way you can earn cash while promoting someone’s product. There are so many websites you can sign up for; those include ClickPromise, ClickBank etc.

Making money through PPC is no different from the later; the most common way is through Google’s AdSense.

PPC means Pay Per Click meaning if I opt-in and monetize my blog with AdSense when the adverts show on my page, I earn a commission for people who see or click on it.

  1. Selling Courses on Your Authority Site

Making money online while selling online courses is one of the easy ways to make extra money with your blog site. Well, not just any site but an authority site.

An authority site is a website that has so much valuable information, which it is respected and recognized by knowledgeable people in your area of interest.

So if you want to make extra cash here, you should be able to build your website up to a reputation. Everything still boils down to starting your own blog first, so when that is done you, you would also want to raise the standard of your blog.

This is done by always thoroughly researching and producing extremely high-quality contents on your desired niche.

When your authority site stands, you can now decide to sell online courses related to that niche.

For example, I have an authority website on stock trading tips or skills; I do give out ordinary useful tips on stock trading on site, but not the sensitive or prominent ones that can be able to rake more funds.

So what I do is I give out tips and instructions which can help for free, and I charge for the ones which are prominent and can make money. I can put it in the form of courses to make it more formal then advertise to people to pay for it.

  1. Selling an Ad Space

This is just like using Google AdSense, but there is more to this than that. If you have already started a blog and it has gotten enough traffic, or you want to start a blog and grow it up, you can make quick money by directly advertising companies and product on your site.

If your blog site is making waves in your topic of choice, most times companies come to meet with you directly to ask I you can advertise for them. Most especially, you can also walk up to or email companies with proof that your website traffic is reasonable.

This all boils down to you growing your reader base, this is because most companies only accept some sites with a certain amount of traffic, and also sites who’s niche are very much related to their products.

If you can have an agreement with them, they pay, and you add their source code t your site or banners or however they want you to do it for them.

  1. Advertising on Your Forum Site

Opening a blog as I said earlier is easy, but in this case, a forum site. A forum site is an online discussion site in which people can hold conversations in the form of a posted message and talk on a particular thread or topic.

Most popular forum sites are Reddit, Quora, Nairaland, etc. Theses forum site tends to bring in traffic, especially stable traffic and people who regularly visit back the website to view the responses given by other forum members.

With this amount of traffic, you can be able to sell banner ads to companies or individuals. Most of the time, it is advisable to approach companies or people with similar products to your forum’s niche. Or better yet, just make the forum an evergreen one.

  1. Selling Premium Memberships on Your Blog

The idea here is to start up a niche-specific forum site and try to build up the reader base, after that you can consider to opt in on selling a premium membership spot.

For example, you have a website with a niche talking on technologies; you can end up offering premium services that unlock exciting features then charge users to become elite members.

  1. Speaking as A High-Profile Blog Authority

In this section, when you create a blog, you try as much as possible to grow your traffic. When increasing your blog traffic, you would want to follow some particular rules.

First of all, always produce quality contents. It is critical that when you are growing your blog, it has to be high in quality. This help keeps your readers, why? Because when you provide high-quality contents, you tend to gain the reader’s trust making them come back for more and more.

Secondly, you have to research your keywords. Keywords are great; it helps make your blog discoverable in search engines giving you the top spots, thereby gaining more publicity and getting more loyal readers, thirdly is the application of the keywords through SEO.

This is the utilization of your keywords to make your posts SEO-friendly. Remember no stuffing of your keywords. People read your posts, not robots.

When that is done, you will successfully be able to build your blog and gather more traffic. You can now be able to book engagement speaking engagements.

People will pay way more to hear you speak to them and talk to them on their own journey to being a successful blogger. Once recognized, Organizations and firms will call you for conferences and meetings to speak for them.

On your site, you can even put up an Ad where you can charge your readers to pay to meet with you.

  1. Building Review Affiliate Sites

This one is a little bit tricky, but with much research and skills, you can definitely pull it off. The aim here is to build about 20 review sites then link them to an affiliate link. This can be a permanent site that does not need to be, and it doesn’t also have to be a huge site.

You can choose a niche or specific niches to base on, but all of them have to be connected to an affiliate link.

The goal here is when someone reads your posts or visits the review site, after reading they are directed to click the link taking them to where they can buy the products, and you can get a commission.

For example, I can create different sites for car parts home tools or kitchen tiles. Then I find an affiliate link from ClickBank or ClickPromise. I add it to my site about reviewing car parts while giving very tangible information about car parts.

If done well, each site can bring at least $50 per month, and make about 20 of those review sites can bring in a whole lot of fortune.

  1. Creating A Modern News Site

Creating modern news sites has its tricks up its sleeves too. The main idea for creating this type of website is to try as much as possible not only to engage users with daily new published posts but also to link the old posts so they can get more views.

This type of website drives in a lot of traffic and can force readers to be hooked with its contents.

Things are arranged in a way that it shows recent posts, or posts having a similar topic or keywords with the previous posts.

On WordPress, templates, and plugins to help you achieve this goal are available. The home page of that template is arranged in a way that it has multiple news links, both old and new appearing instead of only the new ones appearing.

For example, you recently wrote something about a riot in a town. While you had a previous article or articles talking about another similar topic on either the riot or the city, it then displays in the recommended tab or the similar post tab. Also, recent articles published online will appear under recent post tab.

  1. Creating A Group Blog

Following our steps on creating a new blog, on your WordPress, you would get the options of adding new authors or writers to it.

As the main Admin, you can be able to create WordPress usernames and passwords, then forward the details to your selected authors or writers. This is because you can get to keep your main login details as the main admin while your various authors can post while you review them.

This is very useful because the stress as a writer can be lifted from you while making your contents far bigger than you as a single writer publishing them. This also gives you the advantage of gaining more when you monetize the blog, from there, you can also pay your authors too.

  1. Selling Guest Post Opportunities on Your Blog

Well, this boils down to building up your blog to a high authority on your specific niche of choice. When this is done, you can sell guest post opportunities for as much as $50 - $100 per post, depending on your blog's Domain Authority level.

When you are successful, everyone wants to associate with you, which also implies when your blog is successful, recommended by experts and popular among a certain niche community.

Every author that wants to be recognized in that niche can go as far as paying you money just to have his or her posts uploaded and them getting a rep in that niche.

Most successful blogs that practiced this method have been able to also produce experts and professionals, and have also made them more recognizable. It is like publicity for writers so they can prove their worth in the niche community.

  1. Starting A Review Site for Other Sites

What all blogs need is publicity so why not make money publicizing other blogs? Well, in this aspect, the idea is for you to review other websites or products for a fee.

You can find advertisers willing to pay for this service by checking out sites like PayPerPost. This website, help bloggers, authors, and even content creators find advertisers willing to pay for or sponsor specific content.

For you to use this platform, you need a blog with specifically required authority created. This platform screens out obsolete blogs and disqualifies them for further use.

For example, you have a niche website, and you register on this platform or any other. The website ranks your blog with Google page rank and therefore allows you to get linked to people who pay to get their product reviewed or their site reviewed.

  1. Creating Simple AdSense Sites

Creating an AdSense account can be a huge deal, looking at the new rules Google has laid out to limit unnecessary activities on their Google AdSense platform. You can refer to our previous post on how to make money with AdSense on your blog. But after that, you can still be making few bucks with this.

Well here, the idea is to be making close to $200 a day so what you have to do here is creating about 100 simple AdSense sites including Amazon links and affiliate links.

This generates multiple streams of incomes, and each site can be able to get at least $2 per day.

Yeah, I know it is not easy, but hard work pays off. When doing all these, you have to link it to a single AdSense account where all your money would be channeled to.

Section 2: Low Capital Online Businesses

Low Capital Online Business

Running a low capital online business is the best option for most people on a budget.

Less money is used to start-up, but it can be turned into a reasonable amount of cash flowing in.

Think of it as a pawn shop, most of the stuff in it was useless or were bought for a very low price, but when they are being sold again, they are sold at a very high reasonable price.

Let’s take a quick jump on what we can be able to do in this category.

  1. Starting a Web Hosting Service

Starting a web hosting company is one of the best options out there if you have little capital or you are on a budget but you want something that can give you a benefiting return. You can buy a hosting reseller plan online, then mark up your price by 200% the amount you bought it, then sell it to clients that need to purchase web hosting services.

  1. Selling Low-Cost Product on Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. This is where Amazon takes care of all the stocks of a seller so that when a customer places the order, it by-passes the retailer or seller and goes straight to the customer from the Amazon warehouse.

You can create your own products for a very minimal amount of money, but it should definitely be up to standard, then try as much as possible to get your low-cost product on the Amazon FBA program.

  1. Dropshipping on Alibaba

Alibaba is an online platform where distributors meet retailers. This is a platform where mostly distributors come to market their product. Making money with Alibaba is very likely without even touching the products or seeing them.

First of all, you have to research trending products. This can be done with various tools created by Google or other SEO companies.

When that is done, you then look for distributors of the found trending products and strike a deal with them creating a contract concerning the supply chain of the particular product. 

Lastly, you put up your online shop space on Alibaba and advertise your products.

For example, you found a trending product like a shoe; you will then try and find the distributors of that particular shoe, then make a deal with them also putting up a shop space on Alibaba.

When a customer orders, you then message the distributors, they then send the products while the buyers pay you, after you can split the cash later on.

  1. Providing SEO Services for Writers

Most writers want to take their writing to the next level, but they don’t have the necessary tools for article development, or can’t afford it because they don’t use it that often to opt into plans. SEMRush just has that type of tools needed.

The idea here is to pay for a SEMRush subscription, go on platforms where you can get a lot of writers, just like Upwork and gather them to individually pay you while offering them the unique services like premium keyword search and article development.

  1. Rebranding An Almost Obsolete Website

Sometimes we face difficulties, right? Well, that is no different from huge but struggling sites. Most of them, due to inactivity or other problems, tend to lose touch with the real world and end up losing more readers than they are getting. At this point, the website is at the point of going extinct.

If you are very much talented in running an online business consultant or you know your way around reviving online traffics and bringing back the old readers and new ones, this is for you.

The idea is to create an online business consultancy, approach dying or struggling website, then offer to help turn the website around for a 50% ownership in revenue-sharing.

Section 3: Website Flipping

Website flipping

There is not much to say about this, but website flipping is the ability to create a website, make it successful then sell it for a higher price.  On the other hand, the website might also be bought from other entrepreneurs then have it restructured and sold again.

  1. Selling Your Creative Website

On this part, you have to do more of brainstorming. The idea here is having the ability to come up with a promising creative webpage so that your ideas can be sold for more money.

You can come up with any business model, or even a blog idea that you know would move far, and people would like it, build its momentum and wait for the right time to resell.

Websites like Flippa makes this possible. So build that creative business, get some momentum for the blog and make sure it will surely be acceptable, then auction your site at the flippa.com.

  1. Selling Copies of Your Blog Article

Selling your blog article is very easy, but this depends on the niche you try to capitalize on. After getting a specific niche website, what next?

Well, it is time to fill those up with articles, create up to 20 articles in that your blog. Then the next step to think about is to fill the blog with up to 20 well-researched articles worthy of buying.

Most people in forums look for articles or copyrights to buy so the best option you have now is to sell in forums. Forums like Reddit and Quora are filled up with people willing a lot to buy your articles.

  1. Selling Your Website to Investors like Google

It seems everyone is going into buying and selling websites and it looks like Google don’t want to be left out.

Google launched a program where they can be able to buy your company in the form of a website, for cash as much as $100 million. Wow, that’s a lot of money.

Also, you can be able to sell your start-up website to other willing investors.

  1. Selling Other Peoples Website

If you don’t have a start-up website, you can also earn commissions just by selling other peoples website. Just like real estate agents broker houses and properties, you can also broker websites and help potential start-ups to sell off their ideas to willing investors.

First of all what you need to do is to find people ready to sell off their websites. In doing that, you would now be able to reach an agreement with them on the commission you get when you successfully find potential investors.

Next, you then find people willing to invest in start-ups so in this case, you are acting as a mediator. When that is successfully done, you might as well get a commission from both sides if they are satisfied enough.

  1. Buying and Selling Domain Names

Domain flipping is a very lucrative business to do; this is the process of buying and selling domain name while making profits. As far as this is concerned, specific domain names are worth a lot of cash.

For example, hotel.com was sold for as much as $11 million, and business.com was sold for almost $7 million.

Now stumbling upon those types of domain names recently has been a long shot but you can still be making a reasonable amount of money while reselling other domain names.

To become a domain flipper, you need people with marketing skills as well as researching and negotiation skills. This whole process often takes quite a long period of time to learn.

First of all, before you start out, you need to know your budget, doing some financial calculation to determine your expenditure is very necessary.

Secondly, you need to choose a profitable niche and find hot keywords for that niche, next up you find relevant domain names related to your niche and keywords. After that, you can have little patience to research for a more profitable sale.

You can sell on websites like DNForum.com. This is a platform where people who buy domains come to auction their available profitable domain name for the reasonable amount of cash.

  1. Selling Cloned websites

Flippa is a website for buying and selling of websites and domain names. A lot of these types of sites have developed today, but none of them is as exclusive as Flippa as it gains more publicity and traffics in the past few years.

Successful websites like Mark Zuckerberg’s Facemash has been sold there, and one of the highest sold sites, Photostock.com, has been sold for over $250,000.

The idea here is to pick a successful niche website that has been sold off on Flippa with a high revenue turn up, then try as much as possible to create an exact copy of that website with similar but different contents, to avoid plagiarism​.

Your contents should follow the precise guidelines of the successful contents. The reason is that there is a high chance that websites like that can also be sold for a high amount of money.

  1. Reselling A Website

This method is similar to the first method. The idea here is to look for sites with already generated revenues, then buy them and work on them.

Most people do get bored of their website while some just create a website and sell for a living, others just want to sell off their website because it is dying so you can take advantage of these and buy a website which already has generated revenues.

When you purchase these kinds of website, the next step you take is to optimize and improve on it. This can give you a head-on especially when you want to resell the website for a high amount of money.

When that is done, you can resell your site on platforms like flippa.com. Matter of fact, you can buy websites like this on flippa.com improve on it then sell it again on flippa.com for a higher rate.

Section 4: E-commerce

In this category, we will look at different ways you can make money just by selling products online.

This is a prominent way of making money online on the internet because with platforms where buyers come online to look for available products.

There is no doubt that your product can be sold just in a matter of 24 hours or some few days. You can turn all your unused or items you no longer use to cool cash by selling it to people who need to use it.

  1. Selling Garage Sales Items on eBay

One time or the other, we all have a garage sale in the neighborhood, and we discover that handy stuff is sold for a tiny amount of money. Why don’t you take advantage of this and resell those junk garage sales for whole lot of money on eBay?

eBay is multinational E-commerce cooperation, which helps facilitates business to consumer or consumer to consumer sales through their website. In other words, eBay is an online website for consumers, distributor, and retailers to sell their goods online.

So the idea here is to visit the next garage sales and buy potential products that can be resold for a reasonable amount of cash, sign up for an eBay account then advertise your goods and wait for potential buyers as they flock in.

  1. Selling Items Found at Home on eBay

You don’t have to go to a garage sale to even discover items that can be sold for a reasonable amount of cash on eBay; all you have to do is to look around.

A saying goes that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, so that item lying around your basement can be just what someone needs out there to complete his collections or might find out useful.

You can search around the house for products which are worth reselling, from your basement to your garage to your storage unit; there must be an item that is worth selling on eBay.

After that, you can clean it up and put an advert out there for sales on eBay or even Craiglist and your requirements. In a matter of few days, your item will be sold!

  1. Helping Sell Items on eBay

Selling things on eBay is quite profitable, but what about if you don’t have things to actually sell.

Sometimes a family, neighbor or a friend who don’t actually know the ropes might want you to help him market the old item that can bring in a reasonable amount of cash for him/her. You can end up charging the person a small fraction of the commission fee for selling it on eBay.

eBay is the world’s online marketplace, and in no time, your items will be sold, and you can be getting that commission.

  1. Selling Your Products on Shopify

Most of the times, we want to sell our products online, but it is actually difficult because creating a website for your products and getting publicity for that product is very hard. That is where an e-commerce website comes in, and Shopify is the best option to handle your needs.

Shopify is a Canada based e-commerce website which has made it easier for online sellers and marketers to be able to own their own website for the sole aim of selling their products.

This e-commerce website allows you to set up an online store, organize your products, customize your store, track and respond to orders or accept payments. The idea here is that if you are making your own products by yourself, this is the best e-commerce website to opt into.

  1. Drop Shipping with Shopify

Drop shipping is a supply chain management process in which the retailer does not hold the products with him, but rather transfers to customers’ orders and shipment details to a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, who then does the shipping directly to the customer, and you as the merchant does not see the product.

The idea here is creating a dropshipping store on Shopify, but first of all, you need to find distributors or retailers. You can find that easily on Alibaba, but you have to be careful of scams. I advise you order a sample for yourself first before making decisions. Once that is done, you can start trading at once on your Shopify site.

  1. Selling Unused Coupons on eBay

Everyone loves coupons right? Well, most people I know do. It can be a coupon to a free spar day or a price slash for a product on Cosco or Walmart. Well if you have any unused coupons that you can sell, why don’t you give it a try on eBay, trust me you can make few cash while doing it.

Section 5: Advertising

A few years ago, if you had asked me how to make more money, I could have replied to you with two options; either get a Job or get a second job. But now we know better.

There are different ways of making money only off the internet. To be clear, it is one of the 100 ways you could make cash on the internet. One of them we are going to elaborate on is advertising.

Companies and blogs pay a lot of money to get noticed or known, and this helps them to boost sales. So if companies are planning to boost some sales, why don’t you take advantage of it and also make money while you help them do that.

Below, let’s look at different ways you can earn through advertising.

  1. Becoming an Ad Broker

This is the most accessible form of earning in this Category; this is because it just has to do with researching. You just have to be able to get good advertisers and willing publishers. If you know or can reach out to people who have a lot of social stand on their blogs or the social media channels, you can then try to find willing companies that want to advertise.

You don’t have to go through the stress of creating your own social popularity; you just have to connect people who have it and people who are willing to utilize it. You can contact companies through emailing or calling to know if they are interested in paying for your services then connecting them with the advertisers.

  1. Buying Cheaper PPC Ads for Monetized AdSense Pages

PPC is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks for your website rather than to earn those clicks organically. Any time your ad is clicked, it sends a visitor to your site, and you pay small fees to the search engines.

There are companies who sell PPC for a small fraction of money. Companies like Jumpy, SEO inc., etc. the idea is to pay for a small amount of PPC advertising, then direct all the advertising to a page with higher value clicks, probably monetized with Google AdSense. Doing this, you earn more money from the monetized pages than you spent on buying the PPC.

  1. Buying Traffic for An Affiliate Product

This can be a little tricky, but the idea is buying traffic from Google AdWords to channel it to an affiliate product. So in other words, you pay a small fraction of money to gain traffic, then direct it to affiliate products which make you more money than the cash spent to buy the traffic.

First off, to pull this off, you have to get registered in an affiliate website like ClickBank and get links of products you have to affiliate. Then, you need to create a landing page, promote the product review and place the affiliate link to the product you are trying to affiliate.

After that, take the link of the page to the Google AdWords campaign to send traffic to that page so that people can buy the products or you collect the information of people interested in further emailing.

  1. Specializing in The Building of Websites Traffic

If you have the skills of channeling traffics to websites, this area can be elementary for you to tackle. Most website owners do not really know how to gain traffic for themselves, or they are not updated on the new ways to do that.

This method, involves you helping clients get more visitors for their websites. There are tools, and numerous approaches to do that. So specializing in it is something worth doing to help you gain experience and make money while doing it.

  1. Starting An SEO Company

Starting an SEO company is an extensive choice with the sole aim of helping other websites and individuals rank higher in the search engines. It is also a job that is lucrative as to a lot of blogs, and companies are willing to pay higher for a higher rank in the search engine slots.

SEO is a long-term service, but clients expect short-termed results, so as someone who is planning of owning an SEO company, you have to partner with an advertising agency. This can go a long way for you because clients expect you to also rank for your own service.

  1. Starting A Job Connecting Firm

Sometimes finding a job to suit your qualifications can be tiresome, and also companies who seek for jobs don’t always get people ready and qualified to their taste, but you can change that by starting a job connecting firm.

The idea is to partner up with companies that are putting out job vacancies out there. When that is done they can update you with vacant spots and the qualifications needed from people applying. People who are seeking jobs can pay for a small fraction of cash to also get connected too, and you can also receive commissions from companies who give out jobs.

  1. Creating Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform where individuals share videos. It also can be used as an advertising medium. In fact, most of the YouTube users make most of their wealth via advertising and endorsements. An endorsement is a public declaration of support for a product or service.

So the plan is to acquire a niche, e.g. reviewing products or talking about things, get a YouTube channel up and running, then try as much as possible to gain subscribers then finally landing on an endorsement deal. This is best when the company that you are endorsing is in the same line of niche within your channel, or you can find a way to link them both.

  1. Offering Google AdWord Services

Most people want to use Google AdWord services but don’t have the time. It is complicated for them, or they spend so much on unnecessary keywords and other expenses. If you know your where about in Google Adword, you can be able to even create a firm helping websites manage their AdWord campaigns giving them a specific CPC price and charging a certain amount of management fee.

It can even be created in the form of a bundled service where customers can be able to subscribe for easy access.

Section 6: Social Media

Everyone uses social media, right? If you use the internet, you might have definitely signed up for one or two platforms at the time.

That’s why this is a powerful tool to make money because everyone is virtually on it.

In this category, you will be able to find a way to turn those social interactions into the fastest way of making money online.

  1. Building a Facebook Application

A lot of people love to play games while using Facebook, well not really everyone but most people do actually. Some Facebook applications like Farmville are built for online recreation but can also be monetized to bring in profits.

If you can make applications like that, or you are willing to, that is your gold mine. Little recreational apps can sell small rewards and incentives to make the apps more accessible to use in exchange for real cash. For example, Farmville sells coins for real money during their gameplay.

  1. Creating A Third Party App for Twitter

If you are into mobile app development, this is a safe haven for you. In this method, you can create an app that interacts with Twitter for various reasons like check for their followers or active followers. Most liked tweets and different other types of incentives. Then the developer can go on to monetize the app by adding extra services and charging for them. The developer can also sell coins for other uses.

  1. Selling Your Product on Social Media

Building a large fan base on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be a very hectic job to do but what happens when that is done successfully?

First of all, it becomes easier when your account has a huge fan base; this is because you can be able to sell anything, like literally anything.

Yes, yes, I get it, it’s tough to even get up your followers to 10,000, but this method is perfect for people who can be able to grow their follower base.

First of all, you need to select a niche theme relating to your product.

Secondly, you need to grow that page and finally try to publicize what you are selling to them. Another trick you can use is by posting a copy of your clients’ feedback and satisfaction.

You can read more about the strategies on the steps to getting paid on Instagram, and how to earn cash using Facebook.

  1. Promoting Affiliate Links with Your YouTube Channel

If you have a YouTube channel with a reasonable amount of subscribers or viewers, you might consider going into this method. Also if you are thinking about going into starting a YouTube, or trying to build one up, you should also consider this method when you have successfully arrived at that.

When you get an affiliate link through an affiliate website, you can make videos about the product then put up the link in the descriptions and still talk about it in the video to ensure people check it out.

For example, I do get up to 10,000 to 100,000 views per video, so I register and get a link from ClickBank.

After that, I check out the product and it’s a blender, then I do a video about it or anything, using it or relating it on my Vlog. Then on the upload, I add the link in the description bar. That’s all, now sit back and watch the cash flow in.

  1. Promoting MLM Products with Your YouTube Channel

Just like promoting affiliate links with your YouTube channel, you can also promote products or services from an MLM company.

An MLM (multi-level marketing) company is a controversial marketing strategy, where the revenue of the company is derived from non-salaried workforce selling the company’s product or services while the earnings of the participant are derived from a pyramid-shaped commission system.

So the idea is to join an MLM company and promote or sell its products with your YouTube channel. This gives way to more people buying the product from you or people signing up under you which earns you money at the end of the day.

  1. Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Like I said earlier, thousands of followers can go a long way, mainly when you sell your products online but what happens when you get tens of thousands of followers?

Well, it is a quick way to make money online. This is because you can be able to attract companies and individual who wants you to advertise them or create awareness for them.

Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are great ways to gain popularity over the internet and become a social media influencer. When joining any of the two, it is crucial to also acquire a pattern or niche so you won’t go off track while posting. It is also important to look for companies or to display ads in line with your niche.

E.g. your niche is fashion; mostly ads you should aim at should be from the fashion industries. By doing so, you tend to gain more followers too as you advertise their products.

  1. Selling Ads with Facebook

Facebook has made advertisements so easy, with less than $10; you can display your ads to over a thousand plus users so why not use this to your advantage? With over 2 billion users recently, this is the most used social network. So it is a platform where this method will actually work.

The idea here is selling Ads using Facebook, or that is what it looks like. You can offer to advertise a product/service or even a company for a certain amount of price, but higher than the CPC Facebook offers. Facebook has real and targeted traffic because when creating an ad, you can choose options making it easier for you to target people who are likely to be interested in what you advertise on.

  1. Getting Endorsed Using Snapchat

Most people use Snapchat only to take photos, while others use this platform to share photos with friends and families. Other people use Snapchat to make their fans feel closer to them, but what if I told you, you can make money just posting on Snapchat?

Well, am not talking of just opening the app and posting right away, first off you need to gain a lot of fan base or followers. So you have to be active on the app, or if you already have subscribers, this method is very much for you.

Companies endorse famous Snapchat users to post on their stories, for an amount of money per post. So, it is very much essential to do researches and reach out to companies who pay to get their banners uploaded.

  1. Using Pinterest to Market Affiliate Links

Since the creation of Pinterest, the use of infographics and high-quality pictures has been highly appreciated. Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that operates a system, designed to discover information on the internet, mainly using pictures, gifs, and videos.

So definitely you can use this to your advantage. You can use Pinterest to make money by building a huge collection of infographics and picture descriptions, then link it to an affiliate product or link from ClickBank, Clickpromise or any other affiliate websites.

Section 7: Email Lists

Email becomes a vital part of our life online. This is a platform where all forms of communications occur both personal life and work life, and also almost every online platforms ask for your emails first before confirming you a member or its user.

The number of email users only in the United States is projected to be 248.7 million by the end this year.

Everybody is increasingly using email lately, and you need to learn how to make money with your email lists.

In this category, we will be looking at how you can make money with email lists.

  1. Creating A Weekly Newsletter

People love reading Newsletters, and this is the best part of using emails. This is because it keeps them informed on their favorite topic of choice. The idea here is to select a topic of your choice. And when that is done, you can start creating a newsletter for your email contacts.

But you may ask, how can I make money while doing that? Well, you can always charge a subscription fee monthly for your email contacts to give them newsletters on the topic they enjoy.

  1. Advertising on Your Weekly Newsletter

So you have set up your newsletter, and you are charging your readers little amount of cash to get their topics delivered, or you are already sending weekly newsletters for free, but you also want to make money while doing that.

Either way, you can still earn money by advertising in your newsletter.

Individuals and companies can pay much just to get their products and services to get their ads to put up if you have an email list of above 2,500 emails. So in order to make money in this field, you really have to build your email lists.

  1. Promoting Affiliate Products

Companies and brands will happily pay you commissions on the sales you generate for their products. Instead of selling your own products, you can sell other people or company’s products and earn a great commission while doing that.

Using affiliate marketing to generate cash from sending free reports or newsletters from your email list is very possible.

All you have to do is to sign up with an affiliate site then get the links of the product you want to promote. It is imperative for you to choose brands and products that would fit your audience.

  1. Advertising Your Email List

Most internet marketers are in dire need of acquiring some online promotions or creating an online presence because this is good for their business and marketing.

You can end up making a solo ad to your mailing list while charging internet marketers to pay. Also, you can end up selling your email lists for internet marketers too.

  1. Getting Sponsorship from Local Businesses

There is nothing as good as getting sponsored by a business or a company that is why you need to try getting one. You can create newsletters about your area and seek as much as possible for local businesses to sponsor you. All just point to you still building up your mailing list.

  1. Advertising Deals/Coupons

Building your mailing list is highly advisable on this one. The idea here is to build mailing lists that send out daily coupons and exclusive deals. These coupons and deals can come from companies or brands which in turn pay you for advertising for them.

Section 8: Coding & Development

This category is meant for the skilled. In coding and development, the ability to write coding languages like HTML python java etc. and also the development of software and website is also needed.

In this category, we are going to look for ways you can make money online with your coding and development skills.

  1. Winning Contests

If you have skills as a coding pro, you might contest for the best spots in platforms like 99Designs.com. This is a platform where freelance web designers participate and contest for the best there is. Cash prizes and gifts can be won there.

  1. Offering Freelance Services on Upwork

Upwork is a platform where you can find jobs that match your coding skills. A lot of people post jobs daily looking for people who would fit the coding skill set, so why don’t you register and make cool cash.

On this platform, jobs on coding can pay from as much as $100 for simple tasks to $1000 on creating a full website.

  1. Charge People to Setup Scripts and Server Applications

Most people would want to install scripts and setup server applications, but they don’t necessarily have the skills to do that, but for you with the skills, this can play to your advantage. The idea here is to install scripts for clients and setup server applications while charging them for a fee to do that.

  1. Building You to be A Coding Ninja

The idea here is to build you very well. Yes, I know it does take longer to be a pro/ninja, but it’s worth the shot.

Perfection does not come in a day so much determination and training is required, but when this is done, you find yourself smiling at the bank very soon.

Once you become a coding ninja, you can charge high-valued clients a lot of money to do little jobs for them.

  1. Acquiring More Similar Skills in Designing

Having skills in coding is so cool, but it is also essential you build yourself in similar skills pertaining to coding.

Skills like are necessary if you want to make more money coding. This is because most of the skill jobs come with coding, thus acquiring them can generate more revenue.

  1. Creating WordPress Plugins

Another way you can earn cash from coding or being a freelance web designer is by creating WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are scripts and codes written to solve a particular problem or create a specific function while using WordPress on your website/blog.

You can create a WordPress plugin, limit its capabilities then offer premium features for an amount of cash.

  1. Creating WordPress Templates

Just like the aspect of WordPress plugins, as a skilled web designer, you can create website templates.

Website templates are the layout or design your website take in other to make it appear more attractive. You can create a website template, and then make money by selling premium skins and more layout features.

  1. Offering Webworks

You don’t have to even be a professional web designer or specialize in pro coding to make money in the website development department. You can hire a group of highly skilled Indians and Filipinos to do webwork or even design a website for you. Then you can end up selling it 5X the markup prize paid to them.

  1. Create A Downloadable Game/Program

If you are highly skilled in coding and software development, you might consider creating a computer software or game. It is critical to know that when building software, you have to make something that helps people a lot in solving their problems.

Also if creating a game, you have to make something that can get people hooked up. After creating any of the above, you can sell it to the public.

  1. Providing Keyword Researching Services

Keyword research is a significant part of SEO development, and every blog needs it to be visible on the search engines, but most blogs can’t afford a premium keyword research tool.

The idea here is to subscribe for a premium keyword research tool on platforms like SEMRush and offer paid services to blogs and websites for a fraction of money.

  1. Providing Whiteboard Animation Services

Whiteboard animation is a very great way to provide contents for fun advertisement. Most animation experts use software like whiteboard animations, but don’t really have the cash to purchase whiteboard animation software.

Here you can actually buy the software first, then sell the services for a minimum amount to various users until you reach ROI before generating profit.

Section 9: Mobile (Smartphone)

Recently, the smartphone has been a very important aspect of our life. These phones have given gateway to countless applications which can help you achieve a lot.

In this category, we are going to be looking at different ways we can, make money in the smartphone world.

  1. Developing Mobile Based Website

The idea here is to learn how to develop mobile-based websites. Most sites are currently running on HTML 5 and are specifically meant for computers. So loading those web pages on mobile won’t appear as nice as loading on the laptop.

You can learn how to design mobile based websites then charge website owners money to build mobile based websites for them.

  1. Creating Smartphone Apps

You can make money from building apps for Android or iPhone. If you are a developer, you can create popular apps which can be significant to the public then offer premium services or subscriptions to unlock certain app limitations.

Even if you are not a developer, you can hire professionals and pay them then charge for premium services.

  1. Selling Ad Spaces on Your App

If you have created an app for smartphones or you want to create an app, you can make revenue by making the app free, then create ads in the form of banner placements.

Companies or individuals will pay a fortune just to get their ad placements on your app especially if your app becomes very popular.

  1. Creating Apps for Specific Users

You can make money by creating simple iPhone apps with specific functions to particular users.

For example, you can make a simple app for real estate agents, provide specific features, and then charge premium subscriptions for more or complete features.

Section 10: Gaming

A wise man once said, “Do what you love and it will feel like you have never worked a day in your life”. Well, most people love playing video games, don’t they? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could generate revenue that way?

In this category, we will look at certain we can make money while gaming.

  1. Streaming Your Gameplay on Twitch

You can stream your gameplay in real time for the gaming community to see and aim to build a large and loyal audience.

The best platform to achieve this purpose is twitch which you can monetize with ads once you gain a reasonable number of viewers and also accept donations, subscriptions from fans.

  1. Selling Simple Web-Based Games

Everybody loves playing games right? Well not really everyone but for those who love playing games, you can create web-based games for them to enjoy while surfing the web.

You necessarily don’t have to own a website, but you can make money creating web-based games and selling it to different website owners who want to display this game on their website and make their web pages lively.

  1. Creating A Viral Online Game

Currently, the most popular games are played online. This is because of the vast interactive nature of these types of games. You can create a viral online game with ads and limited features.

They also make a free ad-supported version and a more in-depth paid downloadable version for people who are willing to pay for it.

  1. Creating A Mobile Viral Online Game

Just like the above, you can also create a viral online game for both iPhones and androids. You can create these games with banner ads and pop up ads then limit the depths of the games.

After that, you can offer the free ads and full gameplay for a fee to people who enjoyed the game.

  1. Building an MMORPG Game

MMORPG games are a combination of both role-playing games and massively multiplayer games, which a huge number of players interact with one another in a virtual environment.

These type of games only generated half a billion dollars in revenue back in 2005 when it started becoming popular. The idea here is that you can also build your own MMORPG game and charge a monthly fee for users to play online.

Section 11: Writing

Making money writing is a legit job. Most of the freelance writers are full-time writers, and they are earning a stable income and have no problems when finding jobs and clients.

In this category, we will look into ways you can make money writing or finding clients.

  1. Join Freelancing Platforms

Joining freelancing platforms can go a long way if you are a writer. Platforms like upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com or fiverr.com offer services and opportunities for freelance writers to get clients to write for.

When joining, it is critical to decide on the amount per words or amount per hour of work done to bill clients before coming to an agreement.

  1. Selling Your Book through ClickBank

It is essential to promote your products using affiliate links. This is because the people promoting affiliate links are helping you sell your products.

Here, the idea is to pick a topic or subject you are very good at, write an exclusive E-book about it then sell your book using affiliate websites like ClickBank.

  1. Selling Targeted E-Books

You don’t even have to write an E-book with your own ideas or your own field.

The idea here is to select a specific niche or industry, and then gather tips from notable people or experienced people and compile this information into an E-book then sell it to a specific targeted audience.

  1. Posting in Forums

Most people pay a reasonable amount of money just to get professionals post on their forums. Most forums also pay guests to post and engage their audience with exciting posts.

These can range from $1 - $10 per post, some even pay as much as $75, but most of them are usually authoritative websites and are hard to come by. As a freelance writer, you can make money while posting on forums like this.

  1. Offering Grammar Services

Most freelance writers are often native writers. This means they have the upper hand when writing a piece and also translating into another language they are good at or translating from the language they are good at to their native language.

As a writer, you can offer both translational and proofreading services of your native language while charging a reasonable amount of money to clients.

Section 12: Creative and Talent

Everyone has a talent or something they are good at, but most times some people are creative enough to make his or her abilities a source of income, and just like gaming. When you make your talents your job, you would excel in it.

In this category, we are going to look at ways in which you can make money by utilizing your talents.

  1. Promoting Your Music on Platforms

Music is a widely acceptable talent that can make you a million dollar deal with time, so if you are thinking about going into music, you are very much obligated to.

You can record your music and try to make a master hit by putting in your best, and then upload it to streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud etc. Most musicians get discovered on these platforms so why don’t you too?

  1. Making Sound Covers

Everyone loves music, which is why this can be a huge advantage to you as a musician. Most of our favorite musicians make hit songs that top charts and hit millions of streams in a short period of time.

As a musician, you can pick up verities of hit songs, then make a song cover for each song while uploading it on YouTube, then sell your album through iTunes for a little-fixed amount of dollars.

  1. Selling Your Paintings on eBay

For those of you that have painting and artistic talent, you are not left out in this category. Like how we talked earlier on eBay, you can virtually sell almost anything.

You can use that to your advantage as a painter or artist. You can create a unique artwork then auction on eBay for a certain price.

  1. Becoming a YouTube Sensation

YouTube, as we said earlier, is a popular website for sharing our videos, so if you are going to make money on YouTube, you have to become a YouTube sensation.

A YouTube sensation is someone with a very large fan base of subscriptions. When you are a sensation on YouTube, you can make a massive amount of dollars from selling ads in your videos or just selling your own products.

  1. Selling Your Photos on Stock Photos

Photographers are not left out on ways you can make money online, as photography is a very dedicated talent that only a few possess.

As a photographer, one of the few ways you can make quick money is by uploading your photos on platforms like photo stock which pay you per download.

  1. Offering Voice Over Service

Another way you can creatively make money is by offering voice over services to clients in your native language. This is a very convenient way to make money online as to a lot of client look for voice over talents in different native languages online.

  1. Selling Custom Video Services

If you are good with video reviews and presentations, this is the spot for you.

Companies and brands pay a fortune for the best video services because it is a very effective means in their advertising and their presentations, so if you are good in this aspect, you might as well start working towards it.

  1. Selling Online Courses through Udemy

Udemy is an online teaching platform where you can sell your courses online. If you are a pro or an expert in any field of your niche, you can make this platform work for you.

The idea is to create online courses and compile them using Udemy then sell your virtual course to people who need it.

  1. Answering Questions on JustAnswer

JustAnswer is an online expert question and answer website which connects visitors and verified experts in several industries.

So if you are an expert in the medical field, legal, veterinary, technology or automotive field, you can become a verified user in JustAnswer then answer questions that relate to any of those fields while you get paid.

Section 13: Extra Income Jobs Online

Although you already have a job that is paying you but won’t you like to have an extra non-hectic job to make the extra dough? If yes, this category is for you.

Earning extra cash can be very satisfying because you can now pay for your Christmas expenditure or your additional expenses during vacations. In this category we are going to look at extra jobs you can do to get extra money.

  1. Joining A Survey Website

Joining a survey website is as easy as ABC. This is something you can do in the comfort of your home, I mean…. In the comfort of your office chair, whether at home or in your office, you can sign up real quick.

Most surveys pay close to $2 at least and must pay up to $75 per polls. It is advisable to join at least 20 survey sites.

  1. Get Paid While Watching Videos

Most times platforms or even survey sites bring offers like getting paid while watching videos. You can take advantage of these by just taking out a few minutes of your time and completing this offer while earning a little amount of cash.

  1. Signing Up for Surfing Programs

Most platform and survey sites pay you some amount of dollars to browse and surf on their platforms.

You can kill extra spare time by just doing whatever you do on the internet on these platforms while making your little cash and also achieving doing what you usually do with normal web browsers.

  1. Enter Contest

The internet is indeed a delightful place, and you can virtually find anything and everything there; from giveaways to lotteries to contest. Yes, I said contest.

You can find more of it mostly on social media.

Most brands and platforms host contest on the web, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. Typically, the winner goes away with a very reasonable price. Why don’t you opt in on one?

  1. Get Hired to Submit Articles

Well, this is a pretty easy one. You can get hired to submit articles to article directories for other sites, while they pay you an agreed amount of money for work done.

  1. Get Hired to Submit Social Bookmarks

Just like the above, this is also an easy one. You can get hired to submit social bookmarks for some sites. In this process, they tend to pay you a little amount of money for your job done.

Section 14: Service Based-Fee

Sometimes all we need is just our services. We don’t actually need products to make money on the internet. You can provide one or two services, and this can take you all the way down to “making a fortune” station.

In this category, we are going to look at ways we can provide services and get paid online.

  1. Becoming a VA (Virtual Assistant)

Becoming a virtual assistant is one of the most lucrative ways to offer services and get paid.

Top companies and busy individuals can pay virtual assistants money to help them with their tasks at home and organize their calendar. 

Becoming a part-time virtual assistant is the shot you need to take right now.

  1. Organizing a Facebook Group

In other words, creating a Facebook union group, I know it sounds cool, right?

Well, it is actually cool. Here you can organize a forum of like-minded people with similar interest and the same perspective, then charge them an annual fee to join and keep the discussion active.

  1. Offer Data Entry Services

Offering data entry services is to enter or update data into a computer system. This is a job that requires simple know-how on how to punch the right keys in a computer, no secondary knowledge needed.

As a data entry clergy, you can earn money while offering your data entry services usually by the hour.

  1. Renting Your Home using AirBnB

With the introduction of the world wide web, so many things have been made simplified.

Like if you want to go on a trip to anywhere in the united states but don’t want to stay overnight in a hotel because they charge too much, you can rent a room or a house of a common individual to spend the night there.

The most accessible platform to utilize today is AirBnB. You can rent a room in your home or the full house if you are going away, for a reasonable amount of money.

  1. Starting A Mini-Importation Service

Well, building relationships are the best part of this aspect, because to pull this off, you have to offer an entrusted service to buy trending or popular products from overseas if you are traveling.

Then when you get back to your country, you can now sell those products to people whom you have built the relationships within the first place.

Section 15: Trading Online

This is no doubt the fastest way to make money online. Most successful internet money makers and top billionaires have used this way to make fast money in the past few years. But whatever has its ups also has its downs.

Its downside is that it is also the fastest way to lose money and it is a perilous venture.

This is only for the strong hearted so if you are one, let’s jump straight up on ways you can make money quickly online through trading.

  1. Trading Forex and Stocks Online

In Forex you buy and sell currencies, in stocks you buy shares. This is one of the quickest ways to get rich online, but you need to be well prepared.

These aspects require much training and researching to do to come out as a unique trader and avoid unnecessary errors leading to loss of fortune. But if you are good with currencies and stocks, you might as well go for it.

  1. Trading in Bitcoins

We all know about Bitcoins, the cryptocurrency that is so secured, it can never be counterfeited.

Over the few years, this digital currency has been very impressive becoming the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world.

Although the price tag falls and climbs, this makes it a great asset to invest in.

You can quickly make money trading in Bitcoins by buying it when the price drops or when the price is predicted to climb in the near future, then selling it when the price is higher.

So there you have it, a complete hand-grip of 100 ways to make money on the Internet. Some may sound easy but will need the perseverance to make it a successful one. Nothing will happen if you don’t make it happen. Start with small, accumulate progress, and you should start seeing results.

The list might be overwhelming for some beginners, so we highly suggest beginning with a simple one first, such as starting your own blog. Later on, you can decide to monetize it using couple systems that we posted on this blog.

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