How to Make Your First $750 per Month from Online Paid Surveys

How to Make Money from Online SurveysSo you just heard that you could make money online doing different things, but what caught your attention is that you can be able to make some cool cash just answering some random questions about a certain company or product – you want to make money from surveys!

Most people don’t also believe that you can make money taking online surveys because they have undergone one or two websites that didn’t end up paying them their hard earned money.

Fear not! In this article, I am going to show you the best survey sites that actually pay your hard earned cash without excuses.

As a woman in her early 30’s, it is very important for me to help stay at home mothers, students, the unemployed and people looking for extra cash to help guide them in the quest to make that extra dough to support their financial stance.

People who Made Decent Money Online Completing Surveys

Before we mainly go into this tutorial, let us take a look at people who made a fortune doing surveys.

1. Lauren Greutman

Lauren Success in Online Survey

Being a financial coach, she was always keen discovering ways for her students to make cool cash to support their financial outcome.

She decided to try surveying and took out her little time of answering questions online for the whole of November after the month has one.

She was stunned she made up to $500 just from survey sites which in turn helped her save all her Christmas budgets.

2. Chris Guthrie

Get Paid to Survey Tips from Chris

Taking a long vacation from his company to spend time with his brother, Chris wanted to do something lucrative on his vacation.

He decided to enter surveying, and within days of registering, he started earning some reputable amount of cash on the platform.

Before 10 days, he made over $248.06 just from answering questions in his spare time.

How Do Online Paid Surveys Work?

You know all those facts that you see when you read articles and write-ups, e.g. “six out of nine people….”, yes, those facts, they are statistics gotten from online surveys. Surveys are actually strategic marketing tools.

First of all, firms want to know what makes their customers interested. What products do they want or appreciate, which stuffs make them annoyed etc.? Most of these firms now send out these results to writers or influencers with great hope that the statistics and the company name will be given accreditation which in turn boosts sales.

How Does Online Surveys Work

Some companies outsource their collection of data to professional survey sites. These sites comply the suitable questionnaires and candidates to undergo the collective process, in turn, offer them cash as payments and free products too.

Can I Earn Up to $750 per Month using Paid Surveys?

Earn cash from paid surveys

Well, the answer is total; Yes, however, this is possible by signing up for various different survey sites. Each survey sites don’t have a fixed amount of payment in their incentives after survey, most of the sites pay very less from about $0.25 while some other polls try as much as possible to pay you up to $10 per survey.

Also like I said earlier, the incentives are not only cash. Most sites do give out nice gifts as rewards for commenting on their products. These can include products of the company, vouchers, gift items, gift cards, etc.

The reason I also encourage you to sign up for various survey sites is that most survey sites have limited surveys each day/month. Most sites allow you to take about 10 surveys a day or even a month, but this depends.

That is why in this article, I am going to review 25 survey websites that you can virtually earn legit cash from.

So let’s take 25 legit sites, each up to 10 surveys each per month, then an average of $3 for each website then viola!

Cool $750 in a month!

Survey Sites

But before that, let’s look at what you need to start this remarkable journey to get the extra bucks!

What You Need

  • check
    A Laptop or PC – when you want to start filling out surveys, there is a need for a very comfortable laptop or personal computer. Although you can still make use of your smartphones, it is still very advisable to start up with the PC because most sites don’t load well if used with any other platforms. Surveys are designed explicitly for Computers. It is also advisable to use your own computer and not a public café computer because of security reasons.
  • Separate dedicated email just for surveys – there is a very strong need that when you want to go into surveying, you need only a master email for all surveying sites and no other. This helps avoid confusions, you can be able to scan through your emails faster, and you can prevent spam emails.
  • PayPal account – you need this so that you can be able to cash out your hard earned money easily.
  • check
    Roboform – this is a US-based software company that helps you manage your passwords, fill your forms and automatically login platforms and help you generate passwords. This enables you to save time and energy when dealing with survey sites.

Top 25 Recommended Paid Survey Sites to Get Started

It took a couple of years for me to find the right sites that are legit and really pay across tons of survey providers in this industry. These are so far the best survey sites that are worth to apply. Just visit each sign-up link provided in each section, at least the first 10, to get started.

1. Swagbucks (Sign Up)

swagbucks survey

If you can do simple tasks like installing an app, watching videos or even browsing, Swagbucks is for you. This virtually pays you for every single thing you do on the net so it will be very wise to opt-in for this exclusive deal.

Swagbucks were actually put together by both the Google team and Ask! So I see no reason why this platform wouldn’t pay you your dough.

You can be able to earn just about $10 to sign up and up to $10 per survey. Just get the app and start collecting cash!

2. InboxDollars (Sign Up)

inboxdollars reviews

Just like Swagbucks, InboxDollars virtually pays you for everything you do from playing games to reading emails to surfing the web. This survey site can easily pay you cash for doing the things you usually do.

InboxDollars can give you very outstanding offers like “get $8 when you sign up for Hulu for $7.99/month”, and surprisingly, it pays you the $8.

InboxDollars gives a $5 sign up fee, and you get to earn real cash, not points. This site also offers free Gifts, and for people in the US, this site can also offer free food items like the MacDonald's sandwich. Each survey can rake you from $10 - $50.

3. Survey Junkie (Sign Up)

survey junkie

Survey Junkie site has over 3 million active members, meaning it pays well enough for that amount of people to be active on there. It has a lot of 5-star rating on review sites, meaning almost everyone using it is impressed with their platforms.

It has both long and shorter surveys, and this site pays nothing less than 1000 points per survey, meaning you can earn about $10 then cash it out. You can also earn from referrals.

4. Toluna USA (Sign Up)

Toluna USA

This is a highly rated business firm with its offices in Asia, North America, and Europe. To earn rewards, all you need to do is take survey test products and refer people, but that is optional.

This site is easy going, and it is reportedly known to hand out payouts without hesitation, offering PayPal and gift cards.

People around the world can use it, and it works outside of the USA. People from countries like Thailand have been reported to be using this survey site.

5. E-poll Market Research (Sign Up)

e-poll market research

E-Poll Market Research is a panel to completely trust. Joining this platform is very easy with only three steps to take – sign up, activate the account and take joining survey. 

The first survey gives you 100 points, and each survey can rake you about 500 to 1000 points which can be exchanged for gift cards and you can cash out via PayPal anytime.

You can get multiple surveys offer a day, or it may be a couple of polls in one month, depends.

6. Opinion Bureau (Sign Up)

OB Paid Survey Site

Opinion Bureau was developed in India, and they accept members all over the world. This platform aims to gather information through surveying for market research purpose. Opinion Bureau offers surveys for you to fill out and in turn pay you with cash rewards.

You are given $5 upon signing in, and each survey gives you about $2 - $ 10 depending on the length of the survey. Payment is made possible by PayPal, and minimum requirements for payout is about $10. Trust me; this site is legitimate.

7. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (Sign Up)

nielsen market research logo

Nielsen panel is very useful if you have an active internet connection and don’t even want to take surveys. The only thing you need to do is to sign up, download the app, install and let it run in the background.

On the other hand, you can also earn additionally by taking surveys, so it's like killing two birds with one stone. You can even stand a chance to win a portion of the $10,000 prize.

8. Vindale Research (Sign Up)

8. Vindale Research (Sign Up)

vindale research

This is one of the best and genuine survey sites if you have been tricked couple of times into signing up for scam survey websites, Vindale is for you. This site pays you in cash, real cash, so if you are looking for only a cash-based survey site, this is also for you.

They offer surveys that are mostly events that are current and trends making your time spent while taking the worthwhile. Each pay varies in surveys as you can make $10, $15, $20 to even up to $75 per polls.

9. Panda Research (Sign Up)

panda research

This is one of the few free scam survey sites that offer surveys that are too good to be true. Panda Research throws you questionnaires that take less time to answer. So if you work with time, this site is for you.

This site plainly and openly tells you how much you can earn before taking a survey. It also offers surveys that can come right into your mail and with just about 8 mins of your time, you can make just $15 from this site. With their job database, you can be able to access available jobs in your locality right from your browser.

10. CashCrate (Sign Up)

The CashCrate offers so many ways of making money not only through taking surveys. It is a well-trusted survey site that goes by its name and helps you create cash. You can earn money by doing offers, shopping, and even referring a friend or a family member.

Each survey can rake you from about $7 - $10. The minimum requirement to withdraw is $20, and it is done through PayPal.

11. MySurvey (Sign Up)


For those of you who are finding it hard to get the right survey site, MySurvey is one of the world’s best leading survey sites. Since the birth of this website in 2014, it has paid over $32M to its members all over the world. This shows you how well they uphold their member’s welfare.

This survey site offers questions that challenge the curiosity of its participants, which is useful to obtain challenging opinions from people. They pay up to $1.5 per person referred, and they give up to 2000 points on in up.

12. SaySoForGood (Sign Up)

say so for good

SaySoForGood is different from the other survey sites on this list. According to their website, this platform provides surveys for you in which you fill out, instead of paying you cash, rewards, points or gift items, it rather donates money to charity. Each survey gives about $0.15 per survey and virtually receives approximately tens of thousands of surveys each month.

This site donates to world food program and action against hunger movement. What better ways to make money than to give charity itself? The first rule of making money, you have to help the needy.

13. MyPoints (Sign Up)


My Points is considered to be a very generous one with various gifts and cash to be won upon sign up. This site offers extra $5 for the first 5 surveys completed, and you can earn up to $50/survey.

This site also pays you to watch videos, play games and shop online. You can also earn points and redeem them later as cash.

14. Survey Rewardz (Sign Up)

survey rewardz

This is a paid-survey site that pays you to take surveys on their platform. Unlike other survey sites, SurveyRewardz only provides survey notifications only when you log in and not via emails. Each survey can pay you up to $0.5 to $2 per survey. Sometimes you can earn about $10 per survey.

They have a potential minimum withdrawal of about $1, and payment is made via PayPal, check, gift cards, etc.

Survey Rewardz is one of the very legitimate sites out there.

15. Panel Pay Day Surveys (Sign Up)

Panel Pay Day Surveys

This platform pays you up to a whopping $25 just or signing up with them. They offer various services in which you can make money like taking surveys, participating in groups and even shopping.

Panel Pay Day Surveys company teams up with other providers to offer you surveys that can rake you up to $25 to $75 per survey. This site provides only 2 – 4 surveys every month and payments are made directly by cash, not points. Sometimes rewards are given, and gift items are received.

16. iSurvey World (Sign Up)

isurvey world

Unlike other survey sites, iSurvey pays you with cash directly after the completion of surveys. They don’t pay in gift items, rewards or point because they believe that you choose to do whatever you want with your hard earned cash.

They offer survey services which can make you up to $25 per survey and they are rated among the best 10 websites because of its continuous availability of surveys per day. Payments are made via checks and PayPal.

17. Inbox Pays (Sign Up)

inbox pays

This site is just like inbox dollars, which offers activities like taking surveys, referrals and even read emails sent to you from their platforms. They also end you activities daily which can help you earn more. Each survey can rake you up to $50 or more.

This survey site pays in $50 increments, meaning if you have $53 your account it will only pay $ 50 and you can wait till the $3 reaches $50 before you can cash out again. Payments are made via PayPal.

18. Grab Points (Sign Up)

grab points

This Grabpoints site offers you so many options to make money like, downloading apps, watching videos and taking surveys. Many people compare it to the Swagbucks, so you know this is a real one.

Depending on each activity, each can pay from 500 points to 2000 points. You can also invite your friends and win points too. About 10,000 of their points gives you $10 upon exchange.and the minimum payout is about $2.

19. Clickperks (Sign Up)


Just like both Swagbucks and Inboxdollars, this ClickPerks site helps you earn cash while surfing the net, playing games online and answering surveys.

How are you paid to do all those things?

Well, everything you do gives you points in which you can redeem it for cash or gift items. Don’t do these things online without getting paid for it.

You can sign up and redeem cash prices as you do those things. On signing up, you are given a $10 gift card to shop.

20. SurveyMomma (Sign Up)


This is one of the best legitimate survey sites in both the USA and Canada. This survey site links both firms and advertisers to its participants to boost their sales and awareness of the products. They pay you in cash, and each survey can bring in from $10 - $25. Polls can be from about 4 – 7 per month and payments are made through PayPal.

The minimum requirement for cashing out is $20 on PayPal.

21. SurveySavvy (Sign Up)

Survey Savvy

This is a survey provider that always keeps you its word, and it always pays you. This is one of the best paid survey sites out there that you can cash out any amount of money anytime. From offering surveys to acquiring referrals, there is no doubt that you can make over $100 a month.

Once you refer, you are paid from $1 - $2, and once the people you referred recommend others too, you are paid from $0.5 - $1 per person. So you see, you just keep earning from other people’s hard work as well.

22. Prize Rebel (Sign Up)

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel offers you points for each completed survey. This platform is trusted among other survey sites on this list, and it gives points directly for surveys which can be exchanged for cash, rewards and gift items on Amazon, Walmart and other 500 merchants available.

Signing up on this site is very easy, it has over 7.5 million members online and has 15 million dollars in cash. So this site takes you seriously when it comes to participation.

23. YouGov (Sign Up)

YouGov paid survey provider

Most of us like to be heard mostly in the aspect of Politics, but what if you were paid just to voice your political opinions? Well, that’s actually what YouGov does. This site rewards you with points and cash for just commenting on current news and politics.

This site is suitable for people who do not like long reviews. It just takes 5-7 minutes to finish the survey so you can have much time left for other things. You earn 2000 points on sign-ups and earn more when you take the surveys which can be turned into cash and withdrawn from your PayPal.

24. Paid View Point (Sign Up)

Paid View Point

Paid View Point is best known for its fast payout. It takes less than 72 hours for you to receive your funds via PayPal. They offer surveys that are literally exciting and not a boring time you get while taking them.

This site offers points per survey, but each survey varies so you might get different points that can be exchanged for cash later on.

25. Mintvine (Sign Up)


The MintVine website rebranded its platform to GoBranded surveys to provide you a better way of service. They offer survey services to you and also a lot of other minimal side services like shopping, participating in groups, etc. by signing up, you are rewarded 200 points.

Each survey can earn you about 200 points, and each point can be exchanged for cash or gift items. It is about 1000 for $10, and payment is done through PayPal.

As you can see, making decent money on the net, actually have various ways. Some include starting your own blog, making money off Instagram, AdSense, etc.

Our Delightful Work website is a dedicated platform to help you make money on the net and give you step by step ways to achieve that. If you want to make money online, you are at the right place!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I know you are already signing up for those survey sites. I put up this list for you so you can be able to turn your spare time into dollars and you can add a sizeable amount to your already financial state.

What do you think of this article? Insert your thoughts in the comment box and please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any social media you have out there.


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