How to Make Money by Posting Ads – 4 Ways to Get Started

The internet is an exciting place where anyone can learn how to do a great number of things. This includes focusing on the process of making money. You could make money online with relative ease, including the process of making money on ads.

That’s right, you could make money posting ads.

This sounds insane, but when you peel away the realities of these things, and you understand how people do this, you’re going to find out that there’s something grand to be had. If your goal is to make money posting ads or just making money online, then you are going to want to look at the following options.

These are the ways that you can get this process done, and get paid for something that is somewhat simple. This is very easy to get started with, and could very well change how you see online money making opportunities overall.

How Can You Make Money Posting Ads?

To get paid to place ads, you’re going to have to look at how to get it done from a logical standpoint.

This starts with looking at literally putting ads in places where you have control.

For instance, you could begin to posting ads online on your own blogs or website. If you have a site, no matter how much traffic you receive, you’ll want to look at this opportunity overall.

This is a simple process, and often you can put ads up from a variety of different resources overall.

But how do you start with getting paid?

The following will help you get through the 4 ways to make money posting ads, from a logical standpoint.

1. Placing Banner Ads On Your Site

The big thing here is simple, post ads for others on your site.

You can start here with two options:

  1. You can sign up for PPC (pay per click) channels, or
  2. You can look into companies that pay for ads

For the PPC channel, you could join options like Google Adsense, and display ads across your pages.

This should cost you nothing, and with just a marginal amount of traffic, could help you convert on the financial end overall.

But if you’re interested to find the companies that are willing to place banner ads on your website, you can charge your clients by charging a certain dollar per click, or per impression (per 1,000 banner views).

The more traffic your website has, the higher your potential revenue would be.

For any banner-click tracking, we recommend you to use Matomo for the reporting purpose.

2. Help Managing Ads for Companies or Small Business Owners

Under the banner of ad placement, you can post ads on certain Ad Platform for other businesses and work as an ad management company or agency.

You need to sign up with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads and find companies that need to promote their products or services using ads.

The idea here is to charge a small amount of money per click they are willing to pay. If the company budgets $1,20 per click, you could set up your budget on the ad platform with a maximum budget of $1,00, and take the rest $0.20 for you as an ad management fee.

Imagine if one company has $12,000 of an advertising budget, you can gain a minimum of $2,000 in profit from it.

You could anytime, of course, negotiate the fee with them. When you work as an ad management agency, you can also add additional value by providing free consultation for the ad copy.

Now, the other end of this spectrum is to look into small business owners that need advertising.

If you’re offering a package, you can approach small business owners about placing advertising and sell based on hits, and traffic.

You could sell ads based on how many views, or how many click-throughs.

This takes a little more time to work with, but it’s a way to make money from ads, promoting them on Ad Platform such as Google Adwords, and doing promotional consideration within the content for small business owners in your area and around the country, depending on the subject of your offers.

3. Posting Ads of Affiliate Products

The next option within this banner is going to take a little bit more work to focus on. This is not just about “ads” by themselves, you need to be a part of an affiliate marketing solution.

Affiliate marketing options mean that you will need to sign up for this program option across different solutions.

You’ll need to follow through with setting up the following and then using ads to make money.

A. Sign Up for Affiliate Programs

You can use companies like Clickbank, Amazon Affiliates, Shareasale, and many others. Once you sign up, you will be given collateral that you can use to promote products and services.

B. Create A Landing Page

Aside from that, you will need a landing page. This is a simple 1-page website that you will be putting information about your affiliate product or service. Put information on there, and then add what is known as a “freebie opt-in.”

Now, this is a simple form that lets you give away something in exchange for an email.

For instance, you can offer to give someone a free eBook if they give you their email address and subscribe to your newsletter. You will then have a list of people interested in what you’re selling to market to.

C. Choose Ad Platform to Post Ads

You will be posting ads online through the platforms we are going to explain later to drive traffic to your landing page.

When people click on ads, they will hit your landing page, then interact with your opt-in, then they will be able to subscribe, and buy from the marketing that you position forward.

D. Build Email List

Your email list that is opted-in from your landing page would then become what we called ‘Warm Audience.’ This audience will be a type of audience that will be easier to convert when you offer something through email marketing sequences.

This process is one of the most common uses of affiliate marketing today.

4. Posting Ads of Your Own Product (E-Commerce/Dropshipping/Amazon FBA)

The next thing that you can do to garner a bit of help is to work with the notion of selling outright. You could use ads, but first, you’ll need to have something to sell, or at least promote.

This works with selling goods on your own, drop shipping, and using Amazon FBA services.

Now, you will need a website for this or a blog that promotes products, but once you have those things in place, you will be working with ads.

The goal here is to post ads through a variety of resources to then drive traffic to your pages where people can buy something outright. That is going to help you make money by simply posting ads, and then getting people to buy your products.

In the case of Dropshipping and Amazon FBA, you will be selling things that others have, but collecting information and money for them. The ads will send targeted traffic to your page and will help you make sales, that’s the goal here.

Seven Platforms to Utilize for Posting Ads

Now that you have a logical focus on how you can work with placing ads, you’ll want to know how to promote the pages that you’re setting up, and getting more influence with ad placement.

To that effect, the following will help you understand the platforms that are most often used to gain traction with ads, sales, and more.

With these elements in place, you will need to focus on platforms that deliver ads, and therefore traffic to convert.

The following are some of the critical platforms to utilize.

1. Facebook Ads

The first option that you can use to help you with earning money with ads and a website is that of Facebook ads.

You can easily visit Facebook’s business pages and post ads that help you in three major ways.

A. Boosting Post Engagements

Your posts can get a boost, and you could turn your posts within Facebook into a viral sensation. Your goal here is to publish ads on Facebook and then get people to share the posts, like, and more. Done correctly, you can set up a snowball of advertising that will pay off dividends in time.

B. Increase Followers

Another goal of this solution is to increase your Facebook page followers, and with that, increase the brand’s followers and engagement. That will help you get more eyes on your site and ads. Within that arena, you can have people click through your links, and get more sales as a result.

C. Increase Website Traffic

Getting ads posted on Facebook also helps with increasing traffic to your main pages, and that could expand your subscriber list. When you have a large email list, you have a closed, targeted arena of people you can promote your links to overall.

You need to have a landing page here, remember, and you will need people to click through your pages and give you their information based on free elements that you may have.

Overall, the goal is to send traffic and subscribers to your site, and that’s done with the use of Facebook ads, which can target demographics such as age, location, interests, gender, and so much more.

2. Google Adwords (Google Ads)

Google’s Adwords solution is an advertising option that is quite good overall. It’s one of the biggest in the world, and it can cost you based on clicks that you receive.

You will not be charged anything until someone clicks on the ads that you have.

That means that 10,000 some odd people can see your ad, but you will not be charged until someone clicks through.

However, your ads will be placed within search results, and across sponsored sites that Google uses.

Of course, ads don’t just send people to your website, you can use it to advertise your Facebook page, and much more.

The goal is to build brand awareness, sales, and more. Adwords is a robust and targeted solution that marketers use to create sales and bring brand awareness from Google search results, straightway.

3. Instagram

Aside from the above ad placement solutions, you can use Instagram in two ways.

You can post a lot of images and build followers, in which case people will want to sponsor your images and even get you traffic overall.

You could also use Instagram’s Ad network as well.

4. Twitter (or using Twitter Ads)

Twitter and Instagram are similar in that you will need to spend a lot of time building a following and ensure that you have brand awareness.

There are advertising options within Twitter, for business, but it’s difficult to get to a place where you can spend money with them.

You’re better off building your audience and using the platform to send traffic to your links.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The first thing that this requires is a website or a blog. You cannot really work with the bigger elements of SEO without this.

You can set up either one of these with relative ease, and even use software like that of WordPress to set up fully integrated SEO elements into your site.

Once you have a page built, you can start to optimize and get traffic generated to your pages.

Then, you’ll want to target local services in your area.

For instance, you can set up a page that talks about home improvement, then use keywords and phrases from your local area.

In this case, you can drop city plus trade. A plumbing site that continually talks about Indianapolis, in this example, can isolate Indianapolis based plumbers to possibly advertise on the website.

You can isolate keyword phrases, including cities, and local services based on what traffic engagements they are getting.

To make things easier, you could use Google’s free keyword tool. Or you could pay for SEMRUSH, and get information on what the most competitive keywords are in your area.

Once you have a list of words, you can create content to isolate the trade or niche you want to get ads sold to.

With the use of SEO tactics, backlinks, and content strategies you can isolate Google’s search results to send targeted hits to your pages.

Once you do that, you can then start to promote your site to local companies and get them to pay for advertising, content sponsorship and more on your page. This is one of the easiest ways to get paid for ads.

6. Craigslist

For those that want to get direct placement in the largest website for advertising, this is a great one. This is a classified ads site that you can use, but it’s going to cost per post.

You can get charged anywhere from $5 to $75 per post, depending on the city that you post your ads within. However, the return on engagement here is tremendous in terms of traffic.

7. Native Ads

Lastly, in regards to ads, you’ll find that native ads can be a great resource. This is a type of advertising that follows the user experience of any given page.

This is highly targeted, and structured to give individuals interest in specific types of content and ad placement.

You will need to sign up with an ad company to get this going, and you’ll team up with content providers to help build your brand etc.

The Big Picture

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that posting ad has a “given and take” formula for making money.

To maximize your efforts, you need to either sell ads to others or to sell items or affiliate marketing elements within a website that you set up.

Done properly, you could make a lot of money, and it’s done through posting ads and engaging others.


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