The Lab Review – How Good is this SEO Coaching Program?

The Lab SEO Training Program

I’m writing this review specifically for those wondering how reliable The Lab program is. I decided to join THE LAB because so often digital marketing practitioners (or what we call gurus) virtually offer courses or training programs that do not lead us anywhere.

One thing to keep in mind though, until the time I wrote this article, The Lab does not have any affiliate program or what-so-ever. Therefore, you’ll find this review completely unbiased as I wrote this not as their affiliate.

For those of you that have so many times undergone the failure of making money online, I feel you!

Thereof, I will tell a bit story about the background of why I am writing this review.

SEO Has Made Dozens of People Feel Deterrent

SEO is DeadGoogle has shifted the process of SEO (search engine optimization). They have turned this upside down, and right side up so many times, that you may find that it’s difficult to master this solution.

In the past, people were able to perform SEO easily without hassle. But that’s no longer the case, as many experts cannot seem to make moves with the latest pushes that Google has been creating recently.

They update their algorithm so much that it’s getting harder and harder to rank sites in the top 10 of very competitive keywords and search phrases.

The Uncertainty of Search Engine Ranking Today

search engine rankingsGetting quality rankings for any website is difficult to manage. Google is making it very difficult to adopt best practices and see results. By the time you master one segment of the larger picture of SEO, the search giant changes things up again.

This makes people somewhat overwhelmed with the possibilities and changes that they have to endure to get anywhere in regard to their marketing collateral.

People are so uncertain about SEO, that they are turning to paid advertising. The data shows that many people are focusing on paying for ads, rather than working on search engine optimization tactics alone.

Unfortunately, paid advertising, does not return on investment nearly as well as securing properly targeted SEO collateral. This is the reality that professionals and novices alike are facing in terms of marketing with optimization today.

My Experiences in Digital Marketing and How I Found THE LAB Can Help

digital marketing agenciesI’m nearing my tenth year of being in the digital marketing industry, with an initial focus on SEO.

I seriously started to build a digital marketing business 5 years ago, and have been working with marketing as a secondary source of income for some time.

I used to slave away at a 9 to 5 job 40 hours a week, but I took the plunge into digital marketing eventually eclipsing my salary.

In fact, today, I make upwards of 7 times my annual salary, and now, do not work nearly as much as I once did.

No more 40 hours a week jobs, no more cubicles, I resigned from that 9 to 5 world in 2016 and haven’t looked back!

Before I came to this established business endeavor, I paid a great deal to learn how to build and rank websites on Google. Not only that, I surrounded myself with the best in the business and took notes on everything they did to rank personal or client websites.

But here’s the thing, even spending upwards of $8,000 on marketing lessons, and events, I didn’t realize how complicated the online marketing strategy was.

I invested blindly. I didn’t really know if I’d learn the right things, or not. Today, you don’t have to do that. In fact, you don’t have to invest blindly into your education in marketing collateral.

Though I’ve already found my way to make money online, this coaching group complements all.

You could very well end up with a positive push forward by doing what I did.

‘THE LAB’ – Our Tests Your Results

The Lab SEO Training Program

You can start to learn through the coaching group that I found, and they are calling it, “THE LAB”.

Oh, and this is not a gimmick, not a game, and not an affiliate program that you have to spend thousands on. Instead, it’s a real-world environment of education from the source.

The Lab is a group of experts in their fields, posting strategies and complexities of marketing that I had to pay a lot of money to learn beforehand. They were opening coaching sessions, discussing terms, A/B testing, and so much more.

They were focusing on real-world solutions, which this is something that most people don’t often do because it’s time-consuming.

Seriously, what if you could learn what works and what doesn’t work for the people that are ranking the top websites online right now? This may sound like a college course, but it’s not.

In fact, there are 5 major SEO and Facebook marketing masters that are heads of “The Lab” and they give people a real-world education in an advanced online marketing, the easy way. Through visual design, Facebook posts, A/B testing, digital media, videos, audio, and more.

It’s an educational endeavor that helps you solve problems and learn what works and what doesn’t in real time.

The Lab is a coaching group, and if you’re keen on learning real-world SEO, you may want to know who is behind it.

The 5 digital marketing coaches that are helping people learn this process in real time include the following people, alongside with what they do to influence SEO, rank sites, and prove optimization strategies that have worked all year, and continue to work for even the most difficult sites to manage.

1. The Affiliate Lab – Matt Diggity

the affiliate lab

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity works with a principle of 5 concrete details in how he pushes SEO marketing elements. He’s one of the most famous people in marketing because he has a very detailed, “experimental” approach to receive results.

He focuses on throwing a lot at the wall, finding what sticks, then maximizing those things for the best results overall. This is something that many people do not do.

To fully understand what Matt does, you’ll need to look into how his Affiliate Lab section works, and how his full section divides 100 educational videos into topics that highlight is 4-piece SEO protocol.

The 4 Piece Protocol of Matt Diggity (Affiliate Lab)

1. The Niche Selection

niche selection

The very first thing that Matt discusses is in regard to niche. Not every niche is profitable for marketing out of the box.

However, there are some that you can take on that are difficult, and make them profitable.

This section discusses that at length. The focus is to look at what works in regard to ranking, for a call to action and lead generation outright.

2. On Page SEO

on site seoThe second primary element of the 5-point Matt discusses is that of onsite, or on page SEO. This is the backbone of optimization.

If your page doesn’t have the collateral to make the right elements work, it won’t.

This section has 57 total videos that discuss the structure of internet marketing for conversions, traffic, and content marketing. Even if you did nothing else, you would find that this section could very well spike your traffic and conversions.

3. Off Page SEO

OFFSITE SEOPerhaps the biggest misconception about SEO is that you can do it all without any backlinks. That’s not how things work, especially if you do not work with a private blog network of some kind.

Private blog networks, guest blogging, outreach, and more are all factors that play into the role of off page SEO collateral.

But how do you get it done without spam?

There are 38 videos that describe what to do and how to do it to ensure you get quality traffic, links, and more. Where the links come from, how they are utilized, and why they are built all factors into this process.

4. The Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink seoThis is where things get interesting for most. Matt Diggity fixes the problems with problematic search engine optimization. Having stalls? Or trouble? Not seeing any marketing collateral that seems to work?

This is the section that roots out issues and helps you build SEO strategy that works.

Matt Diggity doesn’t just do videos and share content through private networks. He has a wide range of digital marketing businesses such as The Search Initiative, Lead Spring, and also a Diggity Marketing blog that updates new strategies all the time. He discusses a number of blogs, email networks, and more. This is just the beginning, as well.

2. The Local Lab – Mark Luckenbaugh

the local SEO lab

Ever heard of Web 2.0 Ranker? Well, that’s Mark’s agency, and he has been pushing through a lot of specific SEO elements that others have forgotten about.

He works with creating rankings within localized search results and has mastered techniques that can rank any small business in the area that they are in.

Imagine having a small business website that ranks #1 in your city, for every search that occurs within a specific geographic region, and that’s what you will get with this session.

You may think that you just work with the rest of SEO overall, right?

No. Mark Luckenbaugh has a proven methodology that doesn’t focus on the heavy hitting optimization elements that many people pursue.

Local SEO

Backlink generation, content marketing, and other complex elements aren’t going to work with geographical SEO. You need something a bit left of center.

That’s what you’re going to get when you focus on this lab, as Luckenbaugh has focused on creating tools and backlink situations that are based on authority, region, and specific citations.

You’ll be surprised how different this approach is, and how it actually works very well with localized rankings in nearly any niche under the “Business” category.

For those who are used to bring old fashion elements such as GSA, Xrumer, or Backlink Kahuna into play, Mark surprisingly goes through a specific methodology that puts away the past and brings about a new focus on SEO.

This is focused on authority stacking, and building proper link elements for specific localized search results and domination.

You will not get this targeted training in any other option, at least not quite like this one.

3. The E-Commerce Lab – Brendan Tully

The E-Commerce Lab

E-commerce is one of the most powerful elements on the internet. The most prominent websites in the world are based on selling online. You are not going to find another branch of the internet that has nearly as much impact.

Brendan Tully has been working with this type of work for many years and was a former SEO advisor for the Australian Government. His track record is second to none, and can help anyone build on e-commerce solutions for the better.

This protocol has 4 weeks of sessions; with every session highlight the elements of shopping carts, business, and more. From checkout systems to product engagement, content marketing elements, and much more.

This is not just sales oriented, mind you. Tully works through the ins and outs of onsite SEO for e-commerce solutions, specifically for traffic that is targeted and casual alike.

There is no reason why your bounce rate should rise due to e-commerce platforms. This is a focused solution that is meant to help you navigate the digital world of sales, with relative ease.

Another branch of this lab features traffic generation, analytics, keyword data, CTR tricks, and elements that can help you on day one. Day one you can get your first sale.

Over time, you will see an increase in every little enhancement you apply from the lab that Tully has crafted to help you from scratch.

4.  The White Hat Lab – Dave Schneider & Mark Samms

outreach marketing

The fourth lab in this 5 set series is written and created by Dave & Mark from NinjaOutreach. They have created a specific session that focuses on White Hat SEO.

This is a type of optimization that only focuses on complying with proper optimization. This section has NO shortcuts, no black hat techniques. The focus here is to create a symbiotic relationship with marketing and more.

There are 5 specific elements to White Hat Lab. They are as follows –

1. The Starting Line

Focusing on campaign outreach, this first start works with providing a guide to how to target your niche, and that’s any niche, and then get people interested in what you’re doing.

All of this with specific ranking elements, and focused traffic generation, for success. This is not a difficult thing, mind you, but it takes some particular steps, which Dave and Mark outline in this first major section.

2. Lead Generation (Prospecting)

ProspectingThe second option that is worked on in this lab is the lead generation element. You need leads to ensure that you can get focused traffic that converts. What good is traffic if no one is buying anything?

Well, Dave and Mark help with creating a functional prospecting relationship with clients that are going to hit your website, so that you can see a great deal of momentum for your website, without having to succumb to a low hanging fruit of traffic.

3. Outreach

Outreach CampaignHow do you get people to hit your page? Well, here you go, a full spectrum of how to work with backlinks and link generation from dead links.

You can help others create a better SEO element for their pages while focusing on your major pages.

Simple as that, you’re going to end up with a nice push forward for your link generation system if you use this tactical guide.

4. Managing Campaigns

campaign managementAdvertising, campaign management, and much more is discussed in this solution.

This is a matter of focusing on how to get people to your site and how to measure success ratios. This is not something that you can easily dismiss because you need help with this.

Managing your campaigns takes on a whole new meaning when you learn how to do this correctly.

5. The Follow Up

outreach campaign follow upThe final element that you are going to work with thanks to Mark and Dave is the follow-up session.

This is where you are going to automate your business so that you can gain conversions.

This will help you close leads, and create strong lead generation and conversion ratios. This means that you could very well earn an income while you sleep.

This is more than a tutorial, mind you. It’s a guide and coaching that is meant to help you get full outreach marketing protocol in a simple fashion.

5. The Facebook Lab – Dino Gomez

Facebook Ads Labs

Here you go, one of the most important things that you can work with, and it’s social media. Dino Gomez constructs a platform for you to learn how to create Facebook advertising campaigns that pay off dividends.

Dino creates a simple formula for you as a beginner, or novice, so that you can create marketing success with your social media advertising.

There’s nothing worse than losing money on advertisement, and it’s easy to get done. That’s why Dino’s guide is so critical to the labs. He helps you create ads fast, and focuses on how to gain success through the right protocols.

Here’s the big difference in this option, however.

Facebook Marketing Lab

Dino Gomez has a simulation in his lab that you can follow along in real time.

That’s correct! You could follow his exact steps directly, and that means that you will end up with a positive push forward.

Dino shows you how to set up ads and walks you through a real time simulation so that you can follow the steps directly.

No need for trial and error, everything is spelled out for you completely.

Retargeting Facebook Ads

Those that have some experience with internet marketing will delight in how Dino will create outstanding elements of marketing through retargeting.

This is a secret weapon for marketing success that many people don’t even know.

When you retarget ads, you will be able to get further impact and success with your social media push, guaranteed.

Now, if you’re already working with Facebook ads, and you’re an expert, as it were, Dino gives you an advanced level section.

Facebook Ads StackingThis advanced level is for those that are well versed with social media ads, and already have marketing channels that are going directly to their pages.

This is something that is quite compelling and can teach you an incredibly focused return on investment.

This last section stunned me personally.

I have a digital marketing agency, and even this chapter taught me a few things about using Facebook Ads to leverage success in traffic, getting more clients, and much more.

Facebook Lab is outstanding, and something that every marketing newcomer and experienced marketer needs to explore.

The Beginner Lab – A Starting Point

Basics of SEONow, one of the best labs for those that think this is too much information is the beginner section.

I found this to be quite compelling for a newcomer. It’s something important.

This section is for people that haven’t worked with internet marketing before. If you’re 100% new, this is a place where you can start fresh, and learn the very basics of online marketing.

This will be your guide if you haven’t ever worked with anything related to internet marketing collateral.

The Bonus Lab (Extra Essential Elements)

All of this is educational, for sure. However, what really got me excited when reading more into this was the fact that you can use the coaches’ services if you’d like. That’s correct, every coach and lab has specific business elements that you can use for your needs. You can hire them directly if you’d like.

For instance, you could very well have Matt Diggity work with you or do a great deal of the ranking and SEO for you. You can get access to his Diggity Links services without having to get waitlisted, while others need to wait for several months to a year to get in.

In addition, you will also get access to Web 2.0 Ranker directly, and a lot more. You will be able to access elements that were intended exclusively for large agencies, and you can get discounted features that others would not have access to, thanks to The Lab!

This is just the tipping point. I found that there are a lot more in this Private FB Group. There are webinars, funnels, templates, and much more to help you and the rest of the members of this group. I was impressed outright, and it’s not just a random meme page, it’s specific to internet marketing and getting results.

The Bottom Line (Conclusion)

I have seen a lot of marketing elements come through the internet. The Lab is a good option; it’s not encyclopedic, however.

You’re going to find that there are elements that are incomplete. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Nothing can truly be encyclopedic, but this is as close as you’re going to get right now.

The Lab has more than fundamental knowledge, and could very well change how you see the future of marketing for your business, website, and any project you have.

I found that the all course elements are incredible, and the focus on strategy and advertising was phenomenal. You will not find another solution that has the same kind of focus as this one.

I would convincingly say that making a seven-figure income per year is definitely possible using the strategies that are taught by The Lab and its private network Facebook group.

I have seen these methods work for my business, and I even started a secondary business model to see if the elements work for that. I cannot stress anymore that The Lab is plunged because of proven methods, and that’s the big thing to understand. Ah yes, here is the link to the LAB.


Aktasio Zikri

Our guest author, Aktasio Zikri, has had an in-depth experience in digital marketing strategies for the past nine years. He has helped many local start-up clients, and international companies in growing online traffic to their business, which in turn, strengthens their brands and increases their product sales.

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