How To Raise Your Klout Score

Have you ever wondered how to raise your Klout score? I don’t care what you think about Klout, it’s important.  That should get enough of a heated debate in the comment section, but before you scroll down to watch as people chew me a new one, let’s discuss what Klout is in this post, and how you can improve your score!

What Is Klout?

As I already covered in this recent post called Why Should I Care About Klout, basically Klout is a measuring service that is provided for us by the good people over in San Francisco. All it does it measure your social influence, reach, and interaction with people on social networks.

How to raise your klout scoreHere’s Where Most People Get Mad

Should you care about Klout? Believe me, you can get into a lot of heated discussions about whether or not Klout is important for someone. Don’t let people fool you. It is important. Usually the people that hate it are the one’s with the low scores anyway.

I have no idea why people hate this site. It has no interaction whatsoever with your updates, it doesn’t infulence or dis-influence someone to interact with you on your social posts, it merely provides a score sheet of how you’re doing on social media sites.

Should I Care About Klout?

Well, you should definitely care about your Klout score, and how to raise your klout score, but I wouldn’t go overboard and obsess on it day and night! The reason most people don’t like Klout is because most people don’t liked to be judged or graded. They have a certain mindset of how they are actually doing online and when you bring a true grading system like this into effect, it tends to raise some hackles on people because they may not be doing as good as they thought they were!

You should care, but don’t think about it.

Trust me, there’s more to just checking your Klout score every day. The fact of the matter is, you’re not going to bump your Klout score up any higher by visiting They don’t give out points for visiting!

How To Raise Your Klout Score

If you want to learn how to raise your Klout score, then it’s pretty simple. Get your Klout connected with as many social networks that you can or are involved with. That will raise it pretty quick. The more platforms you are on, the better your score will be from the start.

The next thing is just to stay consistent with your social media campaigns. What I mean by this is build your following, make friends, stay connected with influential people, create relationships…there are tons of different ways to raise your score, but it pays to stay consistent in your blogging.

Forget about Klout. It’s always going to be there. As long as you’re doing your job on social media by providing your targeted audience with the content that they are searching for, it’s only a matter of time before you hit a good Klout score.

What’s Important:

One thing about social media is this: You will not be able to stay on it 24/7. There comes a time when you have to step away from your computer to eat, sleep, be with the family, etc and during those moments you aren’t able to post to these social media sites. When that happens, you disappear from the social media world. Unless you have a large following that is self-sufficient and will do your sharing for you, you need to implement a plan to be able to post to social media while you sleep!

This is important because it keeps you in front of people. It manages your social media updates for you so you don’t have to. These tools can build your following, send out updates for you in your absence, and track stats that you can look at later.

So How Is This Going To Raise My Klout Score?

Klout is always going to be there, hovering over your shoulder watching you. The “nay-sayers” may hate it, but it’s watching them too! Klout IS social media. As long as you stay consistent on social networks through sharing, retweeting, and making connections, then you will be fine.

Remember, the number one most important thing about blogging is consistency. You may have asked yourself How do I raise my Klout score? The answer is do more on social media. Build friendships. Look at that “guru” who has a high Klout score and see what they are doing to get it there.

Be the change you want to see in your blog.


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