Social Tips For Being Social on Social Media

My tooth hurts.

Even though, incapacitated as I am with the mind-numbing pain killers prescribed by my dentist, I can still see a flaw in the slaw with some people’s social media accounts.

Blah, blah, blah…link.


Social Tips For Being Social on Social MediaGreat job on promoting yourself there.  Now I’m going to click that link and go buy something from your blog; even though I have never met you, nor have seen you be personable at all with me.

I’m about to make you rich.

Well, not really.

The Social Media Suggestion

If you’re running a blog or other type of website, you’re probably already on social media platforms. Where some people lose their way is through the promotional ideas.

This is where you expect me to do some great spill about different social tools that improve your performance like Social Media Examiner does every now and then, and those are great! But clearly, I am not as advanced as these people, seeing as how I just crawled out from under my rock only about 2 years ago.

However, I do know what has worked for me in the past in social media sites.

It’s the building of relationships.

I know it seems that I repeat myself a lot on this subject, but it’s just a fact. It doesn’t matter how many traffic-getting tools you use, if you’re not personal with people, you’re not going to be successful.

Ok, wait a minute. There will always be people that will click your link out of sheer curiosity. They want to see what you have to offer. Will those people be a part of the future reading “cog” in the wheel of your blog later? Maybe, and you may have a chance to win them over if they do, but just how many of your “friends” or “connections” or “followers” are actually coming to your site and buying something?

Important Step – Realizing What It’s Not About

I’m no pro (again), but being a blogger, you have to concentrate on what’s important. I know that it is your dream to make a lot of money and retire on some island the next week, but you need to push that idea aside.

I do a little mentoring, and there is this person that I have been working with that has such big dreams of becoming the next great force in a desired niche. However, all this person is talking about is fame and fortune.

Although I have been telling this person that it’s not going to happen overnight, I feel that this has landed on deaf ears.

Same goes for anyone else. You’re not going to be rich overnight.

The money is NOT important.

Think about it. In order to make money, you have to have readers. In order to have readers, you have to have some type of SEO or social media presence. After that, you’re still not guaranteed readers…

So it seems to me that a lot of this so-called success hangs in the balance of the reader.

So don’t you think that the reader should take first place in your ideals to create a great blog?

Yes, you should…and if someone else says “content is King” I’m going to kick something. Content isn’t King, the reader is, and always should be, King. The content is their Queen.

Bringing the Reader To You Through Social Media

I know the first thing you want to do when you get on platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to promote your posts on your blog. Pointing people to your affiliate links is a great way to earn money as a blogger. But this just doesn’t happen overnight.

What would it take for YOU to go to someone’s site and perform some sort of action?

As I progressed from barely visible to mainly transparent, I started thinking like this. What would it take for me to perform some sort of action on someone else’s blog? What would this person have to do to get me to sign up to their email list, or buy a certain product?

I would definitely have to know the person in some way, shape, or form, or at least knew they were pretty good at what they did.  Having said that, it’s basically about the trust that this person isn’t going to take me for what little I do have on some scam.

I believe that this is essential in understanding the mind of the reader. I also realize that not everyone is going to have the same mindset as you do, but when you start thinking like the reader and not the author, I believe that is when you can start to progress to get people to do something on your blog.

Ok, so why are you even discussing this?

Think about it. Even if you have mastered the art of bringing visitors from social sites, your blog needs to have a certain quality of integrity that will make the reader actually take action on something. Once you realize certain aspects, then you begin to know that getting them there is easy, but making them drink the water is a little harder.

Tip for Bringing Social Traffic

Build integrity. Build a blog that has meaning and is resourceful. Build a blog that will stand out from the crowd, and once this is done, let this integrity carry over to your social media accounts.

Always be honest, always bring value to your posts through your content. Remember what I said about forgetting about the money? When you can forget that money is not important, you start to push that aside and bring what really is important to the surface, the reader. When you realize that the reader is important, you bring quality, helpful, content to the table.

Ok, here’s the tip. Create relationships with perfect strangers. Reach out to people that you don’t know. People that are in your niche, people that don’t have a niche, or could care less about one.

Reach out to people.

One of the easiest, yet time consuming things that you can do is simply creating an instant message to someone on social media.

Facebook Tips

A lot of people scoff at this, thinking that an individual message to someone is wasting a lot of time.  I have found out that people are on these sites to connect, and, for the most part, are willing to interact with you on a personal level, but more than likely, you will have to get the ball rolling.

All of the friends I have are perfect examples of what I just showed you.

Once they get to know you

This is a time consuming process, but once they get to know you, they will start seeing all of those links you are posting on these sites.  It’s super easy to create a Facebook Group for a small few of the new friends that you have made.  I have become very successful in doing this because you are creating a private place just for these people.  Every once in a while place an update about where you are from, what you do, or something cool about yourself.  You will be surprised at how many of them will start interacting with you regularly.

While they are getting to know you, you are creating trust and building integrity with them.  That’s like bullets in a gun.

Why Not Be SocialWhy Not Be Social?

With the Google Plus Communities on the horizon, there is now a platform on every major social networking site for you to get to know new people.

I recommend placing this in your schedule every day. Take about 30 minutes to an hour daily to commit to building relationships.

In Conclusion-& Some Homework

Bringing new people to your blog is what it’s all about, not the usual curious click on your link, only to bounce right back off again!

Building a steady reader base and getting your name out there is how you’re going to succeed!

Here’s some homework.

Pick one social media site and contact 5 people this week. Don’t promote anything. Just be friendly and see where it takes you.

Your turn

Have you branched out and tried to make yourself available to people? What will you plan to do to create more visibility on social media to your blog?


Tom McNaughton

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