Why You Shouldn’t Skimp When It Comes To Website Design

It’s really easy to forget about website design. When you have an idea in your head and you know you can make money with that idea, then it’s easy to skip this little detail. I never see internet marketers promoting website design at all! When, in fact, your design is just as important as your product!

Some of the people that have asked me questions about internet marketing are usually newcomers to the business, and always, their first question is, “how can I make money?” instead of “what design styles work?”

Don’t skimp out on this. Especially if you’re in it to make money.

Website Design To Sell

Think about it. When a first-timer comes to your site, it’s probably because they are looking for information that you have to give. This usually results in a sale of some kind if all of the different variables are correct in the sales process.

What I mean is, the first thing they see when they come to your site is the design, logo, and layout. Not the content, not the ads, but the template. What you choose is a large factor in determining whether or not you can interest that person in buying something or creating a valuable lead.

Whether you are trying to build your website fast or take your time with it, you need to make sure the necessary steps are taken to ensure that you can build that visitors confidence in you. Your site is an extension of how you do business, and, in my opinion, if your site isn’t professional, then people probably aren’t going to take you seriously.

So stop.  Take your site’s appearance in.  Does it have a professional look?  Wordpress users need to spring for a professional theme from Studio Press or Theme Forest to maximize their site features for good cost and effective templates.

Just don’t skimp. I hate it when I come across a site that has a self proclaimed product that will make money in a week and they haven’t even taken the time to make their site look desirable. Website design is important.

Total Website Design… A Step Above

If you are in the business of attracting high value, high targeted visitors and potential clients, then there is really one place to go to suit your total needs in website design and logo creation. This company is called Hire Logo, and they have everything you need to make your site look perfect, even down to the little details.

If you don’t know how to code your own website, or design your own logo, then that poses a problem. There is a lot of things that you need to know to get the “face” of your business to the public eye without embarrassing yourself in the process. This is where Hire Logo comes in handy.

I came into contact with Chris from Hire Logo when I saw his post in a forum thread that I am a member of. His promptness to respond to an “out of the blue” email was astounding. I needed a new logo designed for my site, however, I am not the greatest at doing this, so that’s when I contacted Chris. Here was his reply:

As far as the logo.. As much information as you can provide the better. I can get to working on sketches tonight if you get this and reply or tomorrow during the day. I’ll send you updates as I begin computer work.   Any other details or preferences( do’s and don’ts) about the logo will also help. If you don’t have much preference feel free to still give as much detail as possible and I will go from there.

Right from the get-go he was on my logo.  Even though this is a very busy company and have literally done thousands of website design and logo’s, it was almost like I was his only customer!  I have a total of probably 20-30 emails that were sent by me and responded to by him in less than 2-3 days.

Not only did he take my idea, but he took my idea and elaborated on it by giving me different input and ideas to make the logo better.  Here is the finished result:



Why risk it?  If you will take a gander at all of the other sites like yours online, then you will see that the successful one’s have a great layout designed to sell.  Yes, content is important, but I think you would be surprised at how many people that see a poorly designed site and click out of it just because they think that if the website owner doesn’t have enough heart to put effort into his design, then maybe they don’t have enough gumption to write a great post either.

I know I do.  Check out Hire Logo and see for yourself what they can offer you!


Tom McNaughton

Tom is a full-time digital marketer who has practiced internet marketing for over 10 years. Tom also serves dozens of local digital businesses and has successfully brought substantial traffic growth to their websites.

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