Effects of Online News Submission to Generate New Website Visitors

Like most businesses online, the need to find new ways to generate new clients and business is vital. Advertising doesn’t come cheap but there are other ways in which you can potentially boost your business and generate new visitors to your website. Online news submission is one that can be very effective providing its done correctly.

News Submission and Traffic

Article marketing is a common practiced way of encouraging new visitors to your website, with most sites allowing a link back its a good means to develop your websites authority. Many over look news submission though. Learning to write press releases is the first step in doing this.

google newsA press release is written to announce a product service or event etc in a news worthy manor. Its motives are different to an article but used in the right manor can produce some pretty neat results.

One of the most impressive parts of a press release is that if its written in the right format you can see fast results. This comes after the news has been sent to an online news submission website. Choose one that is a source of Google News and you could see a significant boost of traffic within hours of sending your news in.

Pro’s & Con’s of News Submission Articles

I guess there are pro’s and con’s to press releases, they are a bit more short term as opposed to an article but you could submit regular news about your website or business and maintain a steady flow of new visitors. Also, you could report on new changes, modifications and or products or just anything news worthy about your business. Lets face it we nearly always have something new to talk about.

Once a press release makes it into Google News, natural links are often built up, there’s also a lot of eyes looking. There is a good possibility of other news bloggers and websites writing a story about your news. Also, anybody set up to receive Google Alerts will receive an instant alert. As you can imagine there are a lot of benefits from your news appearing in Google News.

Writing your news submissions to be attractive

news submissionThe only thing you must bear in mind is that news has to be written in a different way than articles. It should have a clear title that announces, the first paragraph should give the key facts, the body should then back up further with statistics of who what when and where. Then you should have clear contact details. You don’t need to write lengthy amounts of content, your best getting straight to the key facts like news papers write. Its also important to take into consideration the SEO factors, get your main keywords in the title and first paragraph.

Obviously the quality subject of news and many other factors will determine the results of the campaign. I have witnessed high authority websites write up about certain news after a press release has bee issued. In a similar way journalists and newspapers could also potentially see and write up a story from a news piece.

News Submission Ideas

Using an online news submission site like Release-News.com will give decent results without having to lay out a fortune. There are three different submission packages starting at free distribution. For only $22 you can take advantage of many extras including Google News listings, which is a fraction of some other press release distribution services on the internet.


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